Sunday, May 7, 2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Good Day:1

Friday morning I was tired when I got up after a rather rough night with lots of shin pain that made it hard for me to sleep.  I did leave at 6:30 to have breakfast with my Curvette friends and then did some grocery shopping when I left the restaurant.  I was still having trouble "getting around".  By now it is getting rather frustrating and I am really not sure what to do next!

Ken worked at his desk while I downloaded photos and did Thursday's blog. Jamie called and asked if Ken and I would join Dane and her at Tomato Pie, a restaurant in Lititz, for lunch.  I had made plans to meet my sister at Masonic Village so we could help our mother organize her closet and exchange her winter wardrobe for her summer one.  I was happy to do that but sad that I couldn't have lunch with Ken, Jamie and Dane.

I did spend from 1 to 4:30 with Mom and Cindy and we accomplished our job. Mom was extremely grateful.  Ken had a nice time with Jamie and Dane so it was a very good afternoon.  I did have a fair amount of pain when I left Masonic Homes from the work we did there.

Ken had spent late afternoon doing all the prep work for dinner.  What a guy! We were both tired, so we took an hour nap.  After dinner, I iced my back and shin and made some seaglass pictures while watching TV.   It was a cool, rainy, damp day with temperatures in the low 60's.  Certainly didn't feel like Spring!

Saturday was another cool, damp, and off and on rainy day - rather miserable! After breakfast, Ken and I drove to the Reading area to support Rick and Joyce, friends from our Life Group, who were having a garage sale.  We were there from 9:30 to 11 and enjoyed our time with them.

On the way home, I read some articles on Facebook from Scoliosis Warriors who share info on scoliosis and the Activity Suit.  I was encouraged by one older lady who wrote how much the suit helped her after about 3 months.  So I started to think that maybe it was time for me to just "grin and bear it" and put it on and start walking again.  I read the message to Ken and he was happy to support me whatever I decided to do.  

So, as soon as we got home, I put on the suit and we went for a 25 minute walk.  My back and shin were sore, but better than they had been.  After lunch, I iced my shin and back while starting to read the next book that our Life Group will be studying, Boundaries, and I will be leading.  It should be another thought provoking book.  Ken was at his next step class from 1:30 to 4:00.

Ken grilled filet and cod and then we went to Dan and Jackie's to play 6 handed Haus with Dale and Vicky Zimmerman too!  We had such a fun evening with such wonderful people.  When we got home, I realized I had no pain in my back or shin when I walked from the car to our apartment. Wow, it was amazing!  I could only hope it would continue!

Today, Sunday, was another miserable weather day - rainy, damp, and only in the 50's.  I thought this is Spring.  I realized as soon as I got up that I had slept so well, and my back and shin were feeling good!   Ken and I went to LCBC and then 9 of us from our Life Group went to breakfast.  We were home by 1:15 and I was still experiencing no pain.  So, I put on my activity suit and we went for another 25 minutes walk.  While walking we saw Dan and Jackie having lunch at an eatery in downtown Lititz, so we stopped in and chatted with them. Throughout the walk I had no pain in my shin and just a slight discomfort in my back.  It felt amazing.

As soon as we returned we drove to Ephrata to watch Bria and Cali play an hour game of field hockey coached by their mom, Jamie.  Ken and I really minded the cold because it was only in the 50's, cloudy, and very windy.  No wonder we go to Florida in the winter.  We are always cold when it is under 60!  The girls had a great game and both Bria and Cali were extremely aggressive and had good ball control.

Ken worked at his desk while I made a dip for fruit and a fruit tray for tomorrow when the Curvettes are getting together for breakfast.  My back was slightly sore, but I had no pain in my shin all day!  I don't know why it felt so good today or what I did that was different, but I am not going to ask any questions. I just hope and pray this continues.  I am extremely thankful for a pain free day and I didn't use any ice or take any ibuprofen. When my shin is good, I can walk almost "normal"!

After dinner, we watched 60 minutes and I worked on this blog.  It was a very nice weekend.

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