Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Monday and Tuesday - Unseasonable Weather!

I left at 8:00 AM to meet my Curvette ladies for a field trip to one of our members sister-in-law's home for breakfast and to do a needle felting craft project.  There were six of us that went to Pat's cottage type house back about a 1/2 mile lane into a very wooded area.  Pat's home and the setting were incredible!

We began the morning with a delicious breakfast.  Pat provided the eggs from her own chickens and all of us brought one thing to contribute to the meal - bacon, fresh baked blueberry coffee cake, fresh fruit and dip, a potato casserole, and champagne and orange juice, for you guessed it, mimosas!  What a feast.

After all that food we went for about a 1/2 mile walk in the woods.  It was sunny, but only in the 50's.  Then we made a frog using the needle felting technique.  Most of us punctured our fingers with the sharp needed, but only a couple required dinosaur bandaids.  We left around 1:45 after a very fun-filled time thanks to Becky and Pat.

Ken had taken a long walk while I was gone and then did some work at his desk.  Ken was willing to take a 25 minutes walk with me and it was another comfortable one. I made a batch of muffins when we returned and after dinner, Ken went to his CR meeting.  I watched The Voice and made 2 seaglass pictures.  Bed by 10.

Tuesday was actually a beautiful sunny day with temperatures up to 63 degrees, still below the norm for this time of year!  I am ready for the warmer weather! After a cooked breakfast we drove to Polly's house at 9:30 to put our tables back in her basement and to pick-up our bike rack so Ken can take it for a needed repair.  

Polly is very involved with Lititz Meals on Wheels of which Ken has an interest in volunteering.  So, she took us to the church where they make the meals everyday.  What an amazing set-up they have - it is a 1st class operation and is strictly run by volunteers.  Ken will probably try to get on their substitute driver list and I would be happy to be a part of that too!  It would be a great way to give back to the community.

From there Ken and I went to Christmas Tree Shoppes, the New Balance Outlet and then to Costco.  We were back to the apartment by 1:15.  While I was trying on shoes at the outlet, I got a pain in my back that also affected my shin - so disappointing.  But, I put on my activity suit and we went for our 25 minute walk.  It was not "pretty" at the beginning, but definitely got better.  When we returned I spent time cleaning up the apartment and finishing 2 loads of wash.

We left to meet Bria at her bus stop because Jamie had a Dr. appt. with Cali at 3:30.  We had so much fun playing UNO with Bria and Cali was happy to join the game when they got home around 5.  Jamie and the girls wanted us to stay for dinner and as per usual, it was delicious.  Ken took a walk with Dane, the girls, and Samson and I stayed back to help Jamie clean-up and chat.  Currently Cali is having challenges with her OCD and I admire how well Jamie handles the situation.  Jamie just did an amazing post for Mental Health Awareness regarding the day to day challenges the entire family faces.  I am so proud of her tremendous writing abilities and her openness and gut honesty.  She is amazing.  Here is the link if you have an interest - thebeautyinchaos.com  She does posts periodically and they are so insightful!

Ken and I were back home by 8:15 and I watched The Voice - love that show! Again, we were in bed early.  What can I say - we are old and get tired!

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