Monday, July 10, 2017

A Busy Day!

We were both up by 6:45, ate a light breakfast, and were on our way by 7:45 to meet Jackie and Dan for pickleball.  We were glad we played early, because it was already getting hot!  The games were fun and makes me really excited to go to Chesapeake CG where pickleball is a "big deal"!  Hopefully it will improve my game!

We finished playing around 9:15 and Ken and I decided to go back to the apartment to shower and get my grocery list for Costco which I had forgotten. We stopped at a roadside stand for fruits and veggies before going to the Ephrata pool to pick-up Bria and Cali when their swim team practice was over. We made a "detour" to Wendy's on the way to their house so we could all enjoy a delicious Frosty - so good!  

Back to their house and we sat outside playing a game of Uno and Skip-Bo. What a fun time with the girls.  Jamie returned at 12:30 and after chatting just a little, we left to go to Costco.  Again, we made a slight detour stopping at Doloris house to get Ken 2 jars of her delicious jalapeno relish, which Fred and she made and is a favorite of Kens.  We only had a short time to visit as our day was so busy!

On to Costco for a quick lunch (their hot dogs are amazing!) and to get a few more groceries.  We were back home by 2:15 and it was time to "prep" food for our upcoming trip - cut-up watermelon, lettuce, and pineapple.  I also did 2 loads of wash while Ken loaded the freezer and refrigerator items.  He took a short nap while I did dishes and then played on his I-Pad.

Ken left at 5 for 2 different meetings at church while I finished the wash, put a few more items in Wilbur, and worked on this blog!  It has been a rather crazy day.  

Ken was home around 9:30 and we went right to bed because we hope to be on the road to Gloucester, VA around 4:15 AM tomorrow morning.  We have to go around Baltimore and DC on 95 and want to be past both areas before the heavy traffic.  Hopefully that will work!

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