Sunday, July 2, 2017

What A Great Weekend!

Saturday Ken and I had a light breakfast and then met Dan and Jackie at the pickleball courts at 8 AM.  What a fun time for all of us.  It was very hot and humid already, but fortunately the sun was in most of the time while we played. We had some really great games with good volleys.  By 9:45 we were all tired and decided it was time to end our play.

Upon returning home, Ken and I decided to go for a walk.  By now it was sunny and very warm.  I normally do not perspire very easily, but when I am wearing my SAS the "sweat" just flows.  That thing is hot!!!!  Upon our return, we started prepping for couples card club that we were hosting.  I finished cutting up the fruit and slicing cheese, while Ken did some reading and studying for his afternoon Step Study.  

Ken left a 2:15 and I played a few games on the I-Pad and then showered and got ready for the evening.  At 5, Ken was back home.  Jackie and Dan stopped by to bring 2 sour cherry pies she had baked for dessert this evening.  Usually the host home provides the snacks and dessert but Jackie had volunteered to bring her homemade pies with cherries they had picked from the tree in Dennis and Gail's house, also one of the couples in our card club.  Jackie makes the best sour cherry pie so I wasn't about to pass up her generous offer.

The 4 of us left to meet Gary and Marcia at La Piazza restaurant here in Lititz for dinner.  Dennis and Gail had to pass on dinner but did meet us back at the house for the snacks and card playing.  It was a very fun evening and the pie was positively delicious!  Everyone had left by 11:30, except Jackie and Dan who stayed and visited for a little while. Jackie and I chatted in the kitchen while I did the dishes and she volunteered to dry.  By the time they left around 11:45, everything was cleaned up and in its proper place.

Sunday morning Ken and I left for LCBC at 8:30 and really enjoyed the message that Jason presented based on the movie, "Arrival".  Neither Ken nor I were thrilled with the movie part of the message, but we appreciated the points that Jason made us think about.  Our Life Group enjoyed breakfast together and we had a "blast" - so much laughter and chatting.

After breakfast, Rick and Joyce came to our house and we took about a 45 minute walk in downtown Lititz, stopping in the park and relaxing on a shaded bench.  It was another very hot, humid, and sunny day!  Rick is doing so well following his open heart surgery and hopes to be released from his heart surgeon by July 19.  Shortly after that, they are hoping to be on their way to their permanent home in Florida.  (That is bittersweet for all of us!)

The 4 of us on our walk through downtown Lititz!

We stopped at Linden Hall, an all girls boarding school, located
in the downtown area.  It is the oldest continuous boarding school
in the US.

These 4,000 flags are placed on the grounds in front of the
Moravian Church for the July 4th holiday.  One gentleman
measures it off and marks where each flag is to be placed.
The flags are in straight lines both horizontally and diagonally.
It is amazing!.

Relaxing on a park bench enjoying the cool shade!

The 4 of us spent the afternoon playing Pinochle - men 2 and ladies 1, but they were very close games!  We also got to enjoy a couple pieces of that sour cherry pie that Jackie had given us!  What a treat!  They left around 5:30.

Ken and I cut-up veggies for a tossed salad that we plan to have tomorrow evening when a group of us (mostly family) will get together at our house to watch a small, but fun parade that will go down our street.  It is great parade for little ones with all the trucks and special treats that will be thrown to them by folks in the parade.  We will be picking up Samantha and Katelyn right after lunch tomorrow and keeping them overnight, so they will get to enjoy the fun.  My sister and her husband plus her son, daughter-in-law, 3 grandsons and our friends Dan and Jackie will here too!  After the parade we will all go to the park to hear the musical group, Ricky K and the All Nighters.  Ken and I have heard them before and they are so entertaining and talented.  It will be a fun day!

By 10, we were in bed after I finished this blog.  We certainly have enjoyed our weekend!

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