Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can It Get Any Hotter??

Again Ken was up early to go down to the river for alone time!  I was up by 6:30, we had a light breakfast and were on the pickleball courts with John and Cindy by 7:30.  Fortunately, the sun was behind the clouds the 1st hour.  Ray, a fellow camper, had not played pickleball, so he came to watch and then we took turns having him substitute into our games.  He did well for a "newbie". 

The 4 pickleball courts at this CG at amazing!

Okay, we don't normally dress like twins, it
just happened!  Sisters have ESP!

Cindy, John didn't mean to pick on you!

So nice to spend time with my sister
and John and to see her on the
pickleball courts despite foot and hip
surgeries that weren't successful! Go girl!

This guy is so special!

We went to Harvey so Ken could have his morning cup of coffee.  I had half a cup, but I would definitely need to acquire a taste for it.  My chai is so much better!  We visited for a little and then returned to Wilbur where we sat outside chatting with our neighboring campers.  (I got to enjoy a cup of chai - so good!) We had a very nice time talking with these 2 couples who are friends.  

Although it was extremely hot, I decided I needed to take a walk in my SAS and Ken graciously agreed to go with me.  We walk for about 35 minutes and when you were in the sun, it was almost unbearable.  When we returned it was time for lunch and we decided to have omelettes, fresh fruit, and a muffin - so good! Ken took a nap while I worked on this blog and played a game of Pop Words.

Cindy and John had left the CG around 11:15 to meet their granddaughter, Alexandra, and her husband, Todd, for lunch and some time on the beach.  They were meeting about 1 1/4 hours from the CG. Unfortunately it rained when they were finishing lunch and they never got to the beach.  They did get a tour of the firehouse where Todd works.

Ken and I showered and then walked to the camp store to enjoy a cone of delicious mint moose tracks ice cream.  It was amazing!  Back to Wilbur to play a game of Pinochle outside and I was the winner!  Ken grilled cod and chicken for dinner which we enjoyed on our salads.

Cindy and John joined us at 7:15 to play Skip-Bo but 1st Ken and John had a nice time talking to the gentlemen on either side of us, one retired Air Force and the other Marines.  Cindy and I stayed indoors and had our own personal time. It was a fun evening even though the men won the game "big time"!  They left around 9:45 and we went to bed.

Can't believe our time here at Chesapeake is on the downside.  It is going so quickly.

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