Friday, July 7, 2017

Off to Buttonwood Campground in Mexico PA with Couples From Our Church!

Ken was up early again and did his devotions and reading.  I did some devotions in bed and arose around 7.  We watched the beginning of the news and then headed to the kitchen to cook breakfast.  I decided that I should make the oat bran muffins we love today instead of trying to do it on Monday before we leave again on Tuesday.  Already we have numerous things planned for Sunday and Monday when we are home!

Ken did lots of dishes while I finished the muffins and getting ready.  He made several trips to Wilbur loading the refrigerator and freezer items.  By 9:30 the muffins were finished and Wilbur was loaded.

We had planned to take a walk this morning but it "poured" from 7:30 to 8:30. Fortunately the sun appeared and that certainly was a good thing for loading!  I worked on the blog and recorded expenses and Ken read while we were waiting to leave. Supposedly we can only get into the CG around 1, so we plan to be on our way by 10:30.  

I talked with Cindy and they are on their way to Annapolis, MD for 4 nights before heading to the Chesapeake.  She was back to her hip surgeon yesterday and after reading her MRI, her hip did not heal properly and the only correction (with only a 75% of success) would be additional surgery that would require a longer rehab time.  She will think about it, but I doubt if she will choose to do that.  We are all looking forward to a relaxing, fun-filled time in Virginia!

Ken and I were on our way to Buttonwood CG near Mexico, PA by 11.  We decided not to take the CRV because it was such a short trip and we really just want to spend the time at the CG learning to know more folks from our Church.  I talked to Noela on the way and they are doing well in Canada.

We arrived at the CG around 1 and we set-up fairly quickly.  This is such a nice private CG located along the Juniata River.  Eddie and Lori got here about 45 minutes later and have the site right next door!  The 4 of us took a walk around some of the CG after getting checked in.  It was so hot and humid.  

This truck has been here everytime we have camped at
Buttonwood and the blooming flowers are always gorgeous!
  One of the owners has a degree in landscaping, so the grounds
and all the flowers are beautiful.

This barn has been restored and it is the office check-in and
game room.  They have a very nice gift shop too!
We both returned to our motorhomes and relaxed.  I also had a nice phone conversation with Doloris Martin.  We are hoping to get together after our trip to Chesapeake.  Ken and I played a game of 2 handed Pinochle (we had to review how to play because it had been such a long time since we played) and then warmed up leftovers from last night.  It had really rained for just a short time so it had cooled off a little and we ate and played cards outside.

At 7 all of us from LCBC met for a Meet and Greet get together.  Our group rented 39 sites here, some in tents, cabins, and all kinds of RV's.  We were asked to answer 5 questions on an index card, turn them in, and then we got a different one returned to us.  Then we had to find the person who's card we were given.  It was a great way to meet new people!

We were back to Wilbur by 9:15 and watched the last hour of America's Got Talent!  Looking forward to spending more time with these folks tomorrow and tubing on the Juniata River.

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