Sunday, July 9, 2017

Time to Head Back Home!

We both had a good night's sleep and decided to go for a walk around the CG before having breakfast.  It was a bit cloudy and not quite as humid this morning.  We were looking forward to taking a "float" down the Juniata.  But again, the water level was too high and the current to swift so the recommendation was that no one should risk tubing.  We obeyed!!

So, after a light breakfast we started packing up both inside and out.  We did stop to watch the live broadcast of the U.S. National Kubb Tournament in Wisconsin that our son-in-law, Bob, was participating in with 2 of his co-workers. There were 128 teams when the tournament began and his team finished 5th - quite an accomplishment.  The team that won was the only team that beat them!  Their team has participated before but this was definitely their best finish.

We had a good time visiting with our neighbors and Eddie and Lori before we left the CG around 11:15.  We made a stop for gas on the way home, arriving at our apartment at 1:15.  We certainly had a nice weekend with members of our Church.

We unloaded very little since we will be leaving again on Tuesday morning for a 1 week adventure.  We showered and by 3:15 were leaving again to go to Wal-Mart for groceries for our camping trip. 

Then on to Dane and Jamie's to spend the evening with their family.  Bria and Cali had spent since about 9:30 AM swimming and kayaking with their friends in the creek behind their house.  What a great location for such fun times.

Ken and I were surprised they would play and swim in the
dirty, muddy water, but they had a blast!

Yes, it was muddy!

They kayaked and swam in the water!

Ken and Dane picked up Mexican food at a nearby restaurant that was positively delicious.  We had a delightful evening eating outside and spending time with Dane and Jamie.  The girls were so tired from a sleepover they had Saturday night, so they watched a movie in their family room and Cali actually fell asleep. We were back home around 8:15.

We did a bit more organizing, but were in bed by 9.

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