Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Fun 1st Day at Chesapeake CG in VA

Ken was up before me and did some reading.  We made a cooked breakfast and met John and Cindy on the Pickleball courts at 8 - it was already hot and humid! We had a fun time switching partners after every game and again, the scores were very close.  It is so exciting to have Cindy on the courts with us and even though she has trouble believing it, she is playing so well!

After about 5 games of continual sweating, we decided we had better stop this activity for the day.  Again, no one else showed up to play.  What is wrong with people????  Cindy and I watched the "boys" play a game of chess on the huge lawn game and after about 45 minutes, Ken was victorious.

It was time to head back to Wilbur, do some reading, shower, and get ready to take a drive into Gloucester so we could have lunch at Olivia's, a place where we had eaten with Fred and Doloris about 3 years ago. (Do you remember, Fred and Doloris?)  Ken and I were excited to go back for more of their delicious food.  We rode with the top off in John and Cindy's jeep and fortunately we didn't have to stop very often, for that sun was so hot when you were still!  

After stopping at the Post Office to pick-up a new camera that had been shipped to John and Cindy (their old one stopped working when it dropped on the carpet - imagine!) we drove to Olivia's.  It is a very busy place and it should be - friendly with excellent food.  John really enjoyed his shrimp creole soup (rather hot) and everyone loved their entree.  Ken particularly enjoyed his mixed seafood with rice and Cindy, her chicken Parmesan.  

The guy got in the back of the jeep, since it is a 2 door and you
have to a contortionist to get in that area!

Olivia's is a quaint little restaurant that is extremely busy!

John and Cindy are enjoying their soup, especially John.  Cindy
had their seafood chowder which thought was a bit fishy (imagine
that) and had a spice that taste like mud!  Sound inviting, but
she ate the whole bowl!  Must not have been too bad!!

The back entrance to Olivia's!

This was Ken's meal.  Obviously, not mine!

We made a quick stop to Wal-Mart to buy some river tubes before heading back to the CG.  Then we did a drive around the CG checking out all the sites.  It is a rather large CG with many shaded sites, especially in the lower section where there are mostly seasonals.  

Later, we all met at the river with our new tubes that Ken and I planned to blow-up with his compressor.  Unfortunately, that didn't work so well, so we blow 3 of them up the old-fashioned way - hot air!!!!!  We couldn't understand why no one else was enjoying being in the roped of swimming area.   The water was very warm and nice.  By the end of our 1 1/2 hour float we learned why we were the only people out there - jellyfish.  When we got on shore all of us were "stingy" around our ankles.  I bet other campers were laughing at us being out there.  We probably won't be doing that again!!!

Another shower was in order and then Ken and I had salads for dinner.  Cindy and John came over around 7:30 and we played 2 games of Skip-Bo and believe it or not, the women won both - hallelujah!  Ken did leave for just a short time to go down to the river for a few sunset photos.  We called it a day around 9:15 and decided to meet at 7:30 for pickleball.  Hopefully it will be a bit cooler, but probably not.

Another beautiful sunset!

This was a fun day and we are happy to be spending time with John and Cindy!

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  1. We always go to Olivia's for breakfast! Neil says they have the best biscuits and gravy! Of course, we love the name!