Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another Extremely Hot, Humid Day!

Ken was up around 5 and took his chair "Down to the River" to read and watch the sunrise.  I preferred my cozy bed!

We made muffins and fresh fruit for breakfast and met Cindy and John at the courts at 7:30.  Again, no one else joined us!  We played at least 5 games and they were extremely competitive - so much fun!  It was very hot, but not quite as bad as yesterday, although the 90's are the 90's.

We walked back to Harvey (their motorhome) to chat and relax.  Ken also wanted to try drinking coffee.  We both are beginning to think that there must be something wrong with us that we don't drink it, for it seems like everyone does. Who knows, with time we might actually become coffee drinkers and enjoy it! Maybe we aren't too old to change!

We were back to Wilbur around 10:15 and I decided I really had to put on my "big girl panties" (actually my SAS) and go for a walk.  I have not been doing that since we arrived because of the heat.  That velcro suit is so hot!  But, enough of the excuses and Ken willingly went with me.  We did head towards the section of the CG that is mostly shaded, but had to go quite a distance before arriving there.  Guess what????  I survived!

Upon our return, I sat outside to work on this blog while Ken did more reading. After lunch, we headed to the pool to meet John and Cindy and enjoy some "cooling off" time!  At this CG they have a separate, nice sized adult pool where water volleyball is played every afternoon between 1 and 3.  The set-up is pretty amazing.  So, they encouraged us to join them which the 4 of us did.  We played about 1 1/2 hours and had a good time, but I must tell you, this girl is not a volleyball player - never was and probably never will be.  Fortunately, it is more for fun and the players are very low key.  The pool water was about 90 degrees, but even that felt a bit refreshing compared to the sunny, humid day with temperatures near 100.  Cindy and I spent time in the pool just chatting and enjoying the water while John and Ken sat on lounge chairs talking.  I am not sure how they did that - it was so hot!  We all left the pool a little before 5.

After showers, we started dinner- grilled cod and pork, salads (of course!) and grilled corn on the cob.  

John and Cindy came over at 7:15 and we played 5 Crowns (M) and Wizard (L).  We had a great time!  We ended around 9, knowing that we wanted to meet on the pickleball courts around 7:30 tomorrow morning.  After all, we need our beauty rest!

Another fun day at Chesapeake CG.

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