Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cloudy Day on Wednesday!

Ken and I worked together to cook his breakfast before he left at 8:10 for his job at MCC.  I decided to wait to eat until I got back from my walk.  I put on my SAS and did a 45 minute walk.  It was cloudy, but still rather warm!

I made breakfast when I returned, did a load of wash, and showered.  Then I decided I should do some devotions before downloading photos and working on my blog.  (I seem to have gotten a bit behind on my posting!)

Ken was home by 12:30, so we ate lunch and then drove to York to pick-up Wilbur at Beasley Ford.  Unfortunately they were unable to repair the 2 problems we were having and not because they didn't try, but not codes or malfunctions showed up, so hence, they didn't know what to fix!!!  They were very good about the whole process and didn't charge us anything for the time they did spend trying to duplicate our problems.  Fortunately we can function without having the repairs made and hopefully a code will show up so they can identify the issue!  

We were back home by 2 and it was nap time for Ken.  I got some items together to put in Wilbur for our upcoming 3 day camping trip with fellow campers from LCBC, our church!  We leave on Friday morning, so we started loading only non-perishable items and clothing.  The food will have to wait until Thursday night or Friday.  

It was a quiet evening watching TV, reading, and working on the blog!

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