Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Monday and Tuesday - Fairly Relaxing Days

After doing some reading and studying, Ken and I took a walk on Monday morning.  The humidity and lower temperatures were welcomed.  It was a great time for a walk!  

Upon our return, Ken went to buy a cup of "java" and then we made omelettes and enjoyed eating on our balcony.  After showers, we left to deliver for Meals on Wheels here in Lititz.  We are substitute drivers, so we don't have many times that we are needed or that it works in our schedules.  We do enjoy doing it and the recipients are so thankful for the great meals.

We prepared salads for today and tomorrow and then Ken left for a meeting with our son-in-law, Dane, who is also our financial adviser.  We so appreciate his knowledge and help with our finances. 

On Ken's way home, he stopped to buy some coffee and filters.  His coffee maker had arrived earlier today from Amazon and he was eager to try it.  We had an early dinner (we had a late breakfast and skipped lunch) and then left at 4:45 to go to a swim meet for Samantha and Katelyn at Morgantown, about 45 minutes from home.

It was the 1st time we got to see them swim (they only have 1 meet per week and most of them were farther away or we weren't home).  The weather was iffy and we were forced to leave before Katelyn had her final event because it started to rain.  We found out later that she never did get to swim her last event because of thunder and lightning!  They did well considering they have just started this swimming thing!!!!!

Samantha and Katelyn getting ready to swim in the same race
That might not be good!!!!!

Ready, set, go!!!!

Looks like Samantha will finish first!

She did, but they both did well!

Samantha and Katelyn are getting congratulations from their
cousins,Bria and Cali who came with Jamie to watch the meet!

Happy cousins!

We stopped for a hot fudge sundae at McDonalds on our way home, because we had eaten so early and we were just hungry!  Went right to bed when we got home!

Tuesday was another great weather day with very low humidity and temperatures in the 70's.  We had planned to play pickleball with Cindy and John in the evening, but we called and asked if they would be interested in playing this morning.  So Ken and I went for our walk, had breakfast on the balcony, and met them at the pickleball courts at 10.  The sun stayed behind the clouds so it was perfect.  We played for 2 hours and had a fun time, changing partners after every game.  I think Ken won every game he played.  What is that about?????

After lunch, Ken had a routine Dr. appt. so I headed to the craft room to try my skills at making some greeting cards, something I hadn't done for quite a while. My creative "juices" were not flowing very well, but I finally created one that I was happy about with so I mad 2 of them.  

After grilling dinner, I went back to the craft room and did some more card making while watching America's Got Talent.  I didn't think the talent was as good as usual this evening

By 10 we were in bed reading.  It was a rather relaxing day!

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