Saturday, July 8, 2017

LCBC At Buttonwood CG

Ken actually slept in a bit later today than at home.  I think he likes the bed in Wilbur!  We both did some devotions and reading.  Then I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around the CG.  They have made numerous improvements and added more sites since we were here several years ago.

When we returned from our walk, we were both ready for breakfast - omelettes, fresh fruit, and of course my chia!  Our camping neighbors, Sandy and Steve from near Park City, came over and Lori and Eddie also joined us.  The 6 of us chatted until noon.  A long time for this gal to just sit still!  Imagine, we hadn't even done our breakfast dishes nor did I do my hair or put on any make-up!  I must have been relaxed!

After doing the breakfast dishes, we got ready and made ourselves presentable. We were supposed to do a group float down the Juniata at 12:30 today, but the river was 5 feet above the level that is recommended for safe kayaking or floating.  The Outfitters Place next store was not renting any of those items today.  We walked down to the boat launching area to check out the water level. It was really high and the current was so swift.  

This photo really shows how high the water had risen!

An eagle flew overhead while we were at the boat launch!

We ate lunch outside and then put our picnic table under a large tree so Eddie, Lori, Ken and I could play cards.  It was a warm day, especially when the sun was out, but most of the time it was cloudy with a light breeze and much lower humidity.  The men won the game, but it was a close one!

We went inside Wilbur around 3:30 and Ken took a short nap while I worked on this blog and played Pop Words!  I am really addicted to that game!  Lori knocked on our door around 4:50 to see if we were ready to go to the LCBC catered barbeque.  So, off we went.  

There were over 100 folks and we enjoyed a delicious dinner of barbequed chicken, pulled pork, baked beans, macaroni salad, and cookies for dessert. Yum!  Then we invited the entire CG to a church service complete with live music and a wonderful sermon by Keith Walker, a great leader of our Church.  It was a beautiful evening to be outdoors.

Really enjoyed the music!

Keith Walker had a great message on Divine Focus leads
to Daily Freedom!

Eddie, Lori, Ken and I came back to Wilbur and played another game of cards which the men won "big time"!  We took a short walk around some of the CG and at 9 we returned to our motorhomes.

There is a chance that the water level will be okay for tubing tomorrow morning before we leave, so we are hoping to make the "float".  We shall see!  We are having a great, relaxing time!

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