Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Last Full Day at Chesapeake Resort!

None of us can believe we have been here one whole week.  The time has flown by!

Ken was up early and woke me at 6 AM (I told him to) so I could walk down to the river with him to enjoy the sunrise.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy morning - no sunrise.  But, that didn't matter for we did some devotions together and enjoyed our time of being amazed by God's beautiful creation!

We met John and Cindy at the pickleball courts at 7:30 and were mighty thankful that the sun decided to stay behind the clouds, for it was rather humid! Wild Bill came and joined us for about 4 games which gave each of us a chance to sit out for a game.  Ken had another great day and although I started out rather poorly, I came on strongly the last several games.  I would certainly like to think our pickleball skills improved after playing every day since we arrived, but I'm not sure.  Time will tell!

We only left the courts around 10:30, definitely the longest and most games we played in a morning since arriving.  We had so much fun!  I am so excited that my sister is able to play pickleball.

We stopped at Harvey so Ken could have his coffee (I guess we will be buying a coffee brewing system) and we could talk about our fun week together.  Then back to Wilbur to begin packing up for our trip home.  We worked together outside and then Ken finished that area while I did the inside.  

I walked to Harvey and Cindy and I headed to the camp store to get our final cone of Mint Moose Tracks Ice Cream - so delicious.  I skipped lunch so I could have the special treat.  Then she and I headed to the pool from 1:15 to 4 enjoying the refreshing pool water.  John came by for a short time, but Ken decided to stay at Wilbur.  He had a nice long chat with Jamie, showered, and then rested.  

Cindy and I went back to her campsite and we worked together to prepare shrimp kabobs for dinner.  I showered when I got back to Wilbur and Ken and I discussed whether we wanted to go to Hershey CG next week.  When we went on line to make a reservation, there was no availability until a week from Saturday, so we will have to decide if that fits into our schedule.

Ken disconnected the sewer and water and Cindy and John arrived at 6 with the grilled kabobs and sauteed cabbage - YUM!  What a great dinner!  After dishes, we played Skip-Bo and Pinochle and the women won both games.  They left at 8:30 so we could all finish preparing for our 7 AM departure.  

Ken and I walked down to the river for one last look, then vacuumed Wilbur and brought in the 2 large slides.  The 4 of us will stop at Denny's for breakfast about 100 miles down the road.  It won't take us long to be ready to leave in the morning!  What a great week this has been!

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