Thursday, July 20, 2017

2 Very Hot Days in Lititz!

On Wednesday Ken and I watched about 20 minutes of the news because we didn't have any TV reception the entire week at Chesapeake.  It was time for us to know what was happening here and around the world.  Not sure we were better people for having watched it!  Maybe not having TV isn't such a bad thing!!!!!

I helped Ken get his breakfast together and then put on my SAS and went for a 35 minute walk.  I wanted to go early before it got real hot - that didn't work out so well!!!!!  Ken left for his volunteer job at MCC.  When I got back, I put in another load of wash, took somethings out to Wilbur and brought a few more into the apartment - certain items will be needed for our family vacation at the beach the 1st full week in August.  I cooked my breakfast and finished the wash.  Also, had a long conversation with my mother, and both she and dad are doing well!  We will go there tomorrow to play Pinochle!

Ken was back home by 12:45 and we ate lunch outside on the patio. He spent time unloadinged some firewood from Wilbur and bringing in the grill and a few more items we will need for the beach.  After showers, we went to Costco. Upon our return, I worked on the blog and recorded expenses while Ken rested.   

At 4:45 we left to go to Jackie and Dan's for a "Party" for their son, Ryan, and his family who were in from Dallas for a few days.  We hadn't seen them for quite a long time and Jackie wanted to have family and friends drop by for a light dinner to have time to socialize with Ryan's family.  During the growing up years of our children, the Hagys and our family were together many, many times including spending a week together at the ocean probably for 10 or more years.  We also went to Hawaii together as well as many other shared activities. We have so much history and memories of wonderful times.  We had great evening visiting with folks we hadn't seen for a long time!

We were home by 9:30 and went to bed to read.

Today, Thursday, Ken was up extremely early after a restless night's sleep.  I only arose around 7:15.  By 8 Ken was on his way to have breakfast with Gary and I put on my SAS and went for a walk.  It was hot again, but at least there was a slight breeze.  Upon my return, I had a light breakfast, read the paper, and then Ken and I took a few items to Wilbur and remade the bed.  I showered and cleaned the bathroom and then we had lunch.

From 1 to 5 we played Pinochle with my parents at Masonic Village.  It was a great day for the women winning 3 games to 2.  We had some amazing hands throughout the afternoon.  

We were home by 5:30 and after dinner I did clean some of the apartment, worked on this blog and watched a little TV.  Ken read!  I did have a nice conversation with Jamie today regarding the district swim meet she is in charge of on Saturday.  What a huge undertaking!  We will probably help with some set-up early Saturday morning!

I also talked to Joyce.  We are getting together for lunch tomorrow and then playing some cards.  Rick was released from his heart surgeon earlier this week and has no restrictions - hallelujah!  They are planning to leave for their permanent home in Florida on August 2.  We will certainly miss having them around, but look forward to spending time with them when we are in Florida as "snowbirds"!

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