Sunday, July 23, 2017

Church and then the Althouse Family Picnic at Masonic Village!

I got up at 6:30 to start getting ready for church before Samantha and Katelyn got up.  They arose around 6:50.  We allowed them to play on our I-Pads while we got breakfast and finished getting ready.  They enjoyed their normal PawPaw and Grandma breakfast - pancakes and fresh fruit!

We wanted to make sure Samantha and Katelyn got to go to our Church during our movie series in July because the lobby was decorated from the set of Despicable Me and the folks at LCBC did an amazing job!  There are Minions everywhere and today there were even 2 folks in minion costumes so we could take pictures.  The girls really enjoyed seeing it.  

Samantha and Katelyn working in the "lab"!

This is one of the houses that were
built by people at our church!

The 4 cousins playing together on the "set"!

After church, we were back to the apartment for about 1 hour before the 4 of us drove to Masonic Village to the Althouse family picnic.  Everyone was able to come except for Bob, at a party for his friend and best man at his wedding. and Bennett, TW and Arlena's son who is visiting with his grandparents out of state! We have the picnic at the Village so Mom and Dad can be a part of the day and they are very grateful!  There was a prediction of storms mid afternoon, but fortunately it never happened until about 6:30 and by then we had all headed home.   

Ken and I picked up Mom and brought her to the "grove area" where we had the picnic.  Dad rode there on his electric wheelchair.  Samantha greeted him when he came down the paved path -

John, Cindy, Ken and I provided the pizza, paper supplies, and a few snacks, and everyone else brought 1 or 2 food items to share and some outdoor games, a favorite competitive activity of this family when we get together!

Jamie, Lanie and Dane!

Arlena will soon be having the newest member of the
Althouse clan, Westin!  He is due August 12!

My mother, sister Cindy, and the youngest grandchild for now,

Bria is becoming such a young lady!
After lunch, the games began -corn hole, Kan Jam, Ladder Golf, and then Kubb!

Dane and John's son, Dustin playing Corn Hole!

Jamie and I got in on the acti

Jamie was really "on target" today!

Dad wanted to give it a try, but not easy to do from his
motorized wheelchair.  Thrilled to see him try!

Quite a "peanut gallery"!

Time for family Kubb, minus the champ, Bob!  Bria and Sam
did well.  The other little ones had no interest!

Katelyn has great form and dad enjoys
watching his family!
We had spectators for our games -

TW, Heather and Jack, Arlena and soon to be Westin, and Bria!

The grove is a beautiful area for our picnic!
While we were playing games, the "kids" were busy doing their thing -

...and part of Cali disappears!

Cali's back!!!

These 3 love to play together!
At the end of the day, we got a special picture - Mom, Dad, and all of their great grandchildren (Except Bennett!) -

We are home by 5:45, rested watched TV, downloaded photos, and worked on this blog!  It has been a great day!

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