Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Up Early to Drive to Gloucester, VA and Chesapeake Camping Resort!

Ken was up at 3, did some devotions, and woke me at 3:15 (I had set the alarm for 3:30 so he was a bit ahead of schedule!).  We had only a few last minute items to load and were leaving our parking lot at 4:10.  It was already hot and humid!

It was about 250 miles to the CG and we had to take Interstate 95 and the Beltways around Baltimore and DC, so we knew we had to get a very early start if we wanted to beat the morning commute traffic.  We had originally considered going by way of Route 81, but that was almost an extra 85 miles, so we felt leaving early was a better option.  Traffic was very manageable and we were happy with our choice.  We stopped at Denny's around 7:30 for breakfast, 1 stop for gas at $1.89/Gallon (yeah!) and were at the CG around 10:15. 

We spent sometime checking out the available sites (not too many) and picked one that gives us shade and a great view of the river.  We are supposed to have 3 days with temperatures above 95 degrees, so we felt shade was a necessity. Unfortunately most of the shaded sites are 30 AMP, but that should be manageable for us!

We were set-up rather quickly and were feeling hungry and tired.  We ate our lunch and then walked to the ranger station to return the information on the campsite we had chosen and to receive our packet of information on activities here in the CG.  It was a very hot walk (in the mid 90's with extremely high humidity) and they say it felt like 106 (who are they??).  It all feels kind of the same to this gal - HOT!

We walked back to Wilbur and decided to take naps before John and Cindy arrived.  They found a site kind of near us with 50 AMP because they can't run both of their air conditioning units on 30 AMP.  Around 4 we walked to see them and spent about an hour just chatting.  They came to this CG after spending 4 nights in Annapolis, so their drive was about 3 1/2 hours.

Ken grilled and I made us salads and corn on the cob - delicious!  Then we walked to the edge of the water right across from Wilbur and sat in the beach area for about 15 minutes - it was so quiet!  Then John, Cindy, Ken and I played 4 games of Pickleball - I wonder why we were the only ones on the court???? This was probably only Cindy' 4th time of playing and she is doing such an amazing job.  We really had a lot of fun, switching partners at the end of every game.  We were back to Wilbur by 8:30 and Ken decided to go back down to the beach area and make some phone calls while I worked on this blog.

We are so excited to be here and just enjoy relaxing while playing pickleball and possibly pool volleyball.  It is going to be very hot but we are ready for the challenge the heat brings!  We didn't bring a car, so we won't be leaving the CG very often, only if we ride somewhere with John and Cindy!

I will have some pictures of the CG tomorrow!  It just didn't happen today!

Ken just came back and brought me these pictures of the sunset -

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