Monday, July 3, 2017

Pickleball and Then A Sleepover with Samantha and Katelyn!

Ken and I both had a rather restless night.  Monday morning we ate a light breakfast and then met Cindy and John at the Pickleball Courts at Rothsville at 8:15.  Fortunately the sun was in most of the time because it was already hot and humid.  Cindy just started playing last week and she is doing such a great job.  You can tell she was a tennis player.  She will definitely be a force to contend with when she plays a few more times.  None of us have the flexibility or the quickness we had (I wonder what happened!), but we do well and certainly enjoy the sport!  I am so glad Cindy is able to play and the 4 of us spend more time together!

We were home by 10:30, showered, ate lunch, and then left at noon to pick up our "tuned-up" bikes at Shirk's Bike Shop which is about 20 minutes from Lanie's.  She met us there so Samantha and Katelyn could go back to Lititz with us for a sleepover.  They enjoyed petting the dog, Rascal, at the Bike Shop.  We also stopped at a petting zoo that was at a local shopping area.  The girls enjoyed feeding the animals.

The goats were anxious to be fed....

....and petted!  Katelyn was happy to oblige!

Ken, Samantha, Katelyn, and I stopped at the Lititz Park on our way home so the girls could have fun on the playground and see the baby ducks.  

We were home by 2:30 and Ken left to park the CRV closer to the park so we wouldn't have so far to walk when we left the Lititz Park later tonight.  We played Racko with the girls (they are excellent at that game!) and then they played on our I-Pads while we set-up tables outside and got food and drinks ready so we could eat outside while watching the parade that goes right by our apartment.  Cindy, John, TW (Cindy's son), Arlena (his wife) and their son Bennett joined us as well as Cindy's other grandsons, Cooper and Jack.  This parade is definitely one for "kids" because of all the treats the participants through out along the route for them.  All the kiddo's had a grocery back 1/3 full of candy, etc.  Cooper, who is autistic, loves trucks, jeeps, fire trucks, etc. so he had a great time pointing all of them out to Aunt Bonnie.  It was so much fun watching the excitement of the children.

Eating outside our apartment building before the start
of the parade!

Looks like John needed a little shut eye!

Katelyn is all smiles waiting for the parade!

We are looking for the parade to start!  Where is it?????

We are starting to get a little impatient waiting!

Unfortunately, we were near the end of the parade route!

Jack loved swinging and dancing to the music!
Hershey Kissmobile was a huge "hit"!  They tossed some
great Hershey treats!  Reminded me of the Oscar Meyer
Wiener Mobile (I must be getting old!)

After the parade, Ken, Samantha, Katelyn, Arlena, TW, Bennett and I walked to the park for the concert by Ricky K and the All Nighters!  The drummer is well known as the "Crazy Drummer" and he certainly lives up to his name.  He is such an entertainer!  Arlena is 7 months pregnant so she was so happy to be able to ride back to the apartment in the car with Katelyn and me after the show!

Ricky K and the All Nighters.  Look them up on line to
see a U Tube Video of the Crazy Drummer!

We were back to the apartment around 10 which was way past Samantha and Katelyn's bedtime.  They went right to sleep as well as PawPaw and Grandma. It was such a fun time!

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