Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Great Friday and Saturday!

Ken got me up at 5:30 and brought me a cup of Chai!  We had planned on an early departure so we could take Wilbur to his storage area and he needed to "butter me up". I am no longer an early morning riser!  But, by 6:10 we left Lititz with me following Wilbur in the CRV to Ephrata.  After getting Wilbur in his proper spot, Ken dropped me off at Evergreen Diner so I could have breakfast with the Curvettes.  He drove to Mt. Joy to enjoy breakfast with his sponsor for his Step Study.

I finished cleaning the apartment when I got back from breakfast and by 11, we left to got to Shartlesville to spend time with Rick and Joyce.  After we got there and did some chatting, the 4 of us went to Westy's for a delicious lunch.  Back to where they are staying until they leave for Florida for a game of Skip-Bo, men by 1 card, and then double deck Pinochle which the women won.  I actually had a double run - 1st time ever!  Rick and Joyce will be leaving for their new home in Florida on August 2.  We left there around 5 and got back to the apartment by 6.  We watched the news and then I put on my SAS and we went for a nice evening walk.

Saturday morning we offered to help Jamie and "crew" set-up for the huge Divisional Swim Meet, but she had plenty of help.  So, we went for an early morning walk (it was hot already) and then got ready to go to the swim meet. The older swimmers were in the morning races so we got there around noon to see Bria and Cali.  We did stop at Target to check-out their coffee pots and Ken got his 1st Starbucks coffee!  He would have said he loved it even if he hated it! Actually he enjoyed it.

As soon as we got to the swim meet people were commenting on how well run it was - one of the best!  So proud of Jamie and all her wonderful volunteers. They really did an exceptional job and the whole meet had to be planned in 5 1/2 weeks.  Normally they find out the summer before that they will be hosting divisionals, but the team that was supposed to have it bailed out just 5 1/2 weeks ago so it was amazing how quickly they "pulled it all together"!

It was extremely hot, but fortunately we were able to sit in the shade.  Cali won 1st in all of her races and Bria won 1st in 2 of her 3 events - what a day!  There were over 500 swimmers, so they did amazingly well!

Cali getting ready to take her mark!

Good race for Cali - 1st in butterfly! 
Bria won her back stroke!

Ken had to leave the meet at 2:40 to go to his step class, but he only missed one of Bria and Cali's events.  It was over by 3 (thankful we didn't get the predicted rain during the meet!) and I was so happy I could help with the clean-up.  We finished at 4:30, just when the heavy rain started.  It stopped long enough for us to get in the car and go back to Dane and Jamie's house, about 2 blocks away.  Then we had another pouring rain.  

Ken picked me up at 4:45 and we met Lanie, Samantha, and Katelyn at the local K-Mart so we could keep them overnight.  We also wanted to give Lanie and Bob and evening alone. They did go out to dinner and then spent the evening with friends.  We took Samantha and Katelyn to McDonald's for dinner and then we all got Frosty's at Wendy's.

We were back to the apartment by 6:30 and the girls had fun in the tub.  Then we played 3 games of Racko.  We watched some TV and then we were all in bed by 9.  The girls fell asleep rather quickly!  It was a fun 2 days!

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