Friday, June 8, 2018

Friday - Homeward Bound!

Ken was up at 5:30 and got his devotions completed before I arose at 6:15 after doing my morning stretches in bed.  We had done a great job of getting ready for "take-off" yesterday, so not much to do this morning.  Ken did the final things inside and out while I got ready.  We had breakfast and by 7:30 we were ready to go.  

The 4 of us had decided last evening to follow each other and by 7:45 we were leaving the CG.  It was a gorgeous sunny, warm day, a great one for driving.  Cindy and John took the lead and their GPS had us follow a different route than planned, but it worked out well.  After we got on 95, I went back to the sofa and worked on the blog (I didn't have time yesterday to do it!)  Our 1st stop was at 11:30 at a Pilot where we got gas and enjoyed lunch at Subway.  It was passed time for a "potty break"!  At that point we said our good-byes and went our separate ways to back home.

Ken and I got to our apartment around 3:15 after traveling about 340 miles.  We avoided going on Interstate 95 and around DC coming home, but it was almost an extra 100 miles more than our trip there when we left very early and went around Baltimore and DC!

Once home, the unloading began.  We had put almost everything in large bags yesterday, so we backed the CRV to Wilbur, filled it with "stuff", and then drove to the front of the apartment building to unload.  It worked very well.  I put things in their place while Ken went back down to Wilbur to get a few more items.  I had the 1st load of wash in when he returned.

Ken rested while I did some work on the computer, did my devotions, and continued the wash project.  We had leftovers for dinner and then I did my exercises and worked on this blog.  Ken did some reading!

By 9, I was tired and ready for bed.  We certainly had a wonderful vacation and look forward to doing the same trip next year!

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