Sunday, June 10, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - A Great Weekend!

After Saturday morning's normal routine, we left around 8 to take Wilbur back to his home in the storage area.  Amazingly, I had all the towels, sheets, etc. washed and back in the motorhome!

From there we went to the Ephrata Rec Center for the inter league swim meet for boys and girls 10 and under that Jamie was in charge of.  She did a great job and the meet ran very smoothly.  Bria was a helper since she was too old (11) to participate.  Cali was in 5 events and we were able to see all of them.  She did very well and had a good day.  

Cali getting ready for her next event with
Mom and Dad nearby!

The meet is over and Bria and Cali
are excited to leave.  Their family
was heading to Rehobeth Beach so
Dane could participate in a Triathlon
on Sunday morning!

The meet was finished by noon so we left and made a stop at a local roadside produce stand.  We were in need of lots of fruit and right now the homegrown strawberries are delicious!

We arrived back home and I did my devotions and started making a playing card holder out of plastic canvas and yarn.  I thought we needed some for in Wilbur and also for each of the granddaughters.  Ken read and rested and then left for his step study at 2:30.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on the cardholder. 

He was back home at 4:45 and we left right away to have dinner at the Brick House in Manheim with 6 other couples from LCBC.  We were celebrating that Frank and Barb were here for the weekend because they are now permanent Florida residents.  There were also two birthdays, so cake and ice cream were part of the evening.  We had a delightful time and were able to meet 2 couples that we hadn't known before.  We are hopeful that all of us will get together in Florida this winter.  Barb and Frank already invited everyone to a picnic at their home in Florida on January 26!

1st the candles were lit for Gene's birthday...

and then lit again for Jo's birthday!

Barb and Jo decided they should sing So Long, Farewell from
The Sound of Music!  I don't believe Marilyn knew what to
think about their rendition!  

We were home by 9 and it was off to bed to read!

Today, Sunday, we were at LCBC by 8:45 and sat chatting with Lloyd and Deb and Amy and Wayne, one of the people we met for the 1st time last evening.  After church, Ken and I went to Wal-Mart for a few groceries before meeting Lloyd, Deb, Marilyn, and Gene at a local restaurant.  We had so much fun chatting that we only left there at 1:00.  Ken and I went right to Costco for a few more groceries, getting back home at 2.  

I finished one of the discs for a cardholder, did my exercises, and then worked on this blog.  We made salads for tonight and tomorrow and really spent the rest of the evening relaxing!  After dinner I started a  X-stitch project (I am having fun doing different crafts lately), had a nice chat with my sister, and by 9:45 we were reading in bed.  

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