Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday - Very Hot, Humid and Sunny at Gloucester!

Ken was up early to do his regular morning routine.  I started doing my stretches in bed at 6:30, did my devotions, and then we worked together to have omelettes and fresh fruit for breakfast.  After clean-up and getting ready we headed over to Cindy and John's site at 8:45 to head to the pickleball courts.

After the 4 of us played a game, 3 other fellow campers joined us so we switched partners after every game.  We always have close games when playing with Cindy and John but it really does "step up your game" when you play with different folks.  Today definitely improved my net game which is really what pickleball is all about!  It was sunny and in the upper 70's when we started playing at 9 and by the time we stopped around 11:30 it was so hot and humid - in the upper 80's but it felt like 94.  We must be crazy to play so long in those conditions but it was so much fun!

Ken and I sat outside chatting for quite a long time when we returned to Wilbur.  Ken went in to eat lunch and I went over to Cindy and John's to get my chai mug and asked them to get aluminum foil when they went to Wal-Mart.  We ended up chatting so when I got back Ken was ready to shower.  I ate my lunch and then showered while Ken rested, because he had gotten up around 5.

I played some games on my tablet and then worked on this blog.  Megan at PT had given me some exercises to do while we are camping so I did those and then Ken and I prepped salads for tonight and tomorrow.  After clean-up, Cindy stopped by and we chatted while John was resting.  When he arrived, the 4 of us went outside and played Hand and Foot, which the women won, and then 5 Crowns - the men were victorious in that game.  

By then it was 6:45 and time to have dinner.  Ken and I had salads with leftover meat from last evening and enjoyed eating outside.  Then the 2 of us took a walk down to the river so Ken could take some photos.  Unfortunately the sun was behind the clouds but the sky still had some beautiful colors.  Back to Wilbur to relax.

 A view of the Piankatank River from our CG!

This is Cindy and John's campsite just across the street from us.
The sites here are shaded and very nice!

I had a great phone conversation with my friend, Deb, who has spent the last 3 weeks with her husband in Florida enjoying their home there.  They are leaving to return to PA tomorrow morning.

By 9:30 Ken and I were in bed after a fun day.  Looking forward to playing pickleball tomorrow morning. 

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