Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday - Another Hot, Very Humid Day!

Ken was up by 6:15 to do his reading and I was doing my stretches in bed at 7.  We got ready for pickleball and decided on oatmeal for breakfast.  We went by Cindy and John's at 8:20 and we walked together to the pickleball courts.  It was already in the 70's, sunny, and very humid.

The 4 of us played a game before more fellow campers arrived.  Most of the morning we had about 8 to 10 players and we had a great time.  All of us were "soaked" from sweating by the time we finished.  Everyone left but the 4 of us played one more game where Cindy and I beat the men - Hallelujah, and it was a fantastic game!  By then it was 12:15 and we were hot and exhausted. I must say that while I was playing pickleball the last 2 days I really felt good!  I am mighty thankful!
Okay, we may not look that great but we just got off the courts
after playing pickleball in  90+ degrees for over 3 hours!

Today there were enough players to have 2 courts going!

We sat outside their motorhome and chatted before heading back to Wilbur for lunch.  Then is was shower time and boy did it feel good!  Ken rested while I did my devotions and then worked on this blog.  Ken did more reading and I did my PT exercises and by then it was raining, which continued for a couple hours. 

We played a game of 2 handed Pinochle (we had to do some reviewing on how to play because we hadn't played it for a long time) and I was the winner, but it was certainly a close game.  Then we tried the board game Upwords, but it was rather "drawn out" and a bit painful.  We will probably "bury" that game in the back of the cupboard!

Ken grilled a steak for me and mahi for himself.  Around 7:30 we headed over to Cindy and John for some game playing.  We had a fun evening playing Wizard and Cindy came from behind to win!

Back to Wilbur by 9:45 and it was off to bed for some reading!  What a great day!

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