Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday - Off and On Rainy Day!

Boy, we really had lots of heavy rain during the night, but we both still had a good night's sleep.  Ken was up before 5 to do his studying but I only appeared at 7:45 after doing my stretches and devotions.

We had a very relaxing morning with a cold cereal breakfast, getting ready for Church, and then trying to work on my blog.  Unfortunately, the rain must have affected a Verizon tower nearby, because we had trouble with our phones and the computer.  

At 10:30 we went over to Cindy and John's and the 4 of us headed to Bridge Point Church about 3 1/2 miles from the CG. We didn't bring our car this trip because they offered to bring their jeep.  This CG is out in the country where there is not much to do, so Ken and I planned to spend most of our time in the CG.  We enjoyed this contemporary church and their young, very dynamic pastor.  We were all glad we decided to go.

Everytime we stay at this CG we go to Gloucester Point to eat at Olivia's.  It is a quaint little town and this restaurant has delicious food at reasonable prices.  We were not disappointed! 

Eating here has become a "tradition" every time we come
to this area!

We were on our way back to the CG around 2:30 and it really started to rain just about the time we got there.  So, we drove around the CG checking out the permanent sites and how nicely they are maintained.  Then we sat in the jeep at our campsite for about 20 minutes until the rain slowed down.  It had rained hard for quite a while!

I worked on this blog while Ken did some reading and rested.  Then I decided to do some rock painting.  Around 7 the 4 of us walked up to the camp store to get a cone of ice cream for dinner (we had plenty at lunchtime, so not overly hungry!).  Unfortunately, they had closed at 3 - what is that about????  So, we all went back to Wilbur and played Pinochle (men won) and then Skip-Bo and the women finally won that game!  We did some "munching" while we played.

By 10 Ken and I were in bed and did some reading before calling it a day.  It was a rainy one, but a good day for relaxing.

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