Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday - Last Full Day at Chesapeake Campground!

After following our normal morning routine, we were at Cindy and John's by 8:50 and the 4 of us walked to the pickleball courts.  It was sunny, beautiful, and rather warm already!

Cindy and I decided to dress alike today when we went to the pickleball courts -

We are on our way - The Althouse girls!

Shame on you, Cindy!

Not sure we really look like sisters,
but we certainly have a great
time together!

This morning there were 9 players which allowed for a lot of games and with various partners. Each of us probably played about 7 or so games and boy, have we ever enjoyed these folks and the good games that have been played throughout the time we have been here.  I sure hope we meet up again! Tony and Marilyn brought the "jolt", which is a jig saw motor that has numerous attachments for stimulating nerves and muscle.  It was designed by a pickleball player and his wife and they sell the product at many of the pickleball tournaments.  I guess us players have some "aches and pains"!  Cindy and I had them give us a demonstration on our backs and it does find the tender spots and gives them a "jolt".  I think it could be helpful, but I would need to have more time using it to be certain!  As it turned out, I had more pain today than usual, but maybe that is to be expected.  I think I should have had it throughout the day to do several additional 15 second "jolts"!

We left the courts around 12:15 after doing some chatting and sharing before parting ways.  We exchanged our cards and hope to keep in touch and hopefully all be back here next year!

This picture was taken after we had played in the heat for 3 hours!
What a great group of people!

Back to Wilbur to have lunch and begin the process of preparing to head home tomorrow morning.  Ken did work outside while I got organized inside.  I put lots of items in our large Camping World bags so it will be easy to unload when we get back home.  After showers, I went over to Cindy and we sat outside playing Word Nerd, which she won each round rather handily.  I just can't beat her at word games.

Ken came over around 4 and we played a game of Pinochle which the women won.  I took time out to have a great phone conversation with Melissa.  Chuck is doing very well following his rotator cuff surgery he had in April, but it will take some time before he can be back playing golf, pickleball, etc.  We certainly miss seeing them, but hope that will happen in December.  Time will tell.

We each had dinner at our motorhomes, cleaned up, and then meet back at their picnic table to play another game of pinochle.  Around 7:30 we all walked to the fishing pier to hopefully see a beautiful sunset.  Unfortunately the sun was behind some clouds, so there were no pictures to take.  We did enjoy talking to a few fishermen and getting to see the blue crabs they had trapped.

Back to Cindy and John's to finish our card game, which the women won again.  No need for a tiebreaker tonight!  Then we went inside to have some shortcake and fruit topped with some ice cream from the camp store and of course it was topped off with whipped cream - Yummy!

Ken and I were back to Wilbur by 9:15 and after getting a few additional items packed, we were in bed by 10.  We did a little reading and then lights out!

We have had a fantastic time here at Chesapeake and can't believe it is time to head home.  It was special to be with Cindy and John and really appretioned the opportunity to get to know some wonderful pickleball players.  Looking forward to this trip being an annual event!

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