Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday - Sunny but Cool Morning! In the Low 50's!

Ken was up early to do his reading and I was doing my stretches in bed by 6:30.  He left at 7 to have breakfast with one of his Step Study brothers and I did some clean-up and "catching up" on the blog!

On to physical therapy at 9 and Megan and I had a nice time talking about my new hip problem and how we could change some of my therapy to do some stretching of my hip.  We will also continue working to strengthen my back and core.  She does such a great job!  I was back home by 10 and so was Ken.

He worked at his desk and I decided to organize the Dutch Cupboard in our kitchen and then the little storage area off our balcony.  I made a lot of "head way" and extra room for some items that we really didn't have a place for previously!  Ken helped me with the storage area and did some rearranging in his closet.  

We both left at 11:30 and he went to the Water Street Mission to help in their Food Pantry (we are going to be doing Volunteer work in that area of the Mission in the future) as well as hopefully serving meals when they need extra help!  I met my sister for lunch and then Cindy and I went to Masonic Village to help Mom organize her closet, under her bed, and several other areas in her room.  Ken enjoyed his new work at the Mission and Cindy and I were pleased with everything we accomplished for Mom.

Ken was home by 4 (stopped at Costco to get my new prescription) and I arrived at 5:15.  I was tired and my back was sore from all the bending and moving items around throughout the afternoon.  Ken left at 6 for Celebrate Recovery and I watched the news while crocheting.  After cleaning up the kitchen, I ate dinner and then put a second coat on the frame I painted yesterday.  I worked on this blog while watching America's Got Talent and then Ken and I watched some TV while I did a little more crocheting!

By 10 it was time for bed!

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