Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday - Sunny and Lower Humidity!

Ken was up by 6:15 and I slept until 7:45 - Wow!  Time for those daily stretches while Ken continued studying and reading.  It was very cloudy, but not raining and it appeared that most of the puddles had dried up during the night.  We had an omelette breakfast and by 10:15 we were on the pickleball courts with the sun shining and the humidity low!  The courts were totally dry and the sun was shining!

Only 7 players including the 4 of us were there today, so we had to take turns playing.  It was a perfect day to play and all of us have a good time together.  The 4 of us stayed to play one more game after everyone left with the women playing the guys.  Unfortunately Ken and John beat us, but it was such a close game.  Hard to imagine, but we only left the courts around 2:00.

The Althouse girls in action against the men!

Mel came to join in about the last hour we were there.

Back to Wilbur to have some lunch, shower and relax.  I did my exercises and played a few games on my tablet.  Ken and I played a game of pinochle at the picnic table, had leftovers for dinner, and then took a walk to the fishing pier here at the CG.  I find this CG rather amazing with the nice amenities and the gorgeous setting.  There are many annual/seasonal sites, but everyone keeps them well maintained and attractive!

The river borders a large portion of this very large CG!

We went over to Cindy and John's from 7:30 to 9:45 and played 2 games of pinochle outdoors.  We each won a game, so we all went to bed "winners"!

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