Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday - Day with Ernie and Noela in Old Port Montreal!

Ken and a rather rough night's sleep because of a sore throat and possibly getting a cold.  Either that, or he is having a lot of problems with his sinuses!  We were awake by 6:30 and I did my stretches and exercises!  

By 8 we were showered and ready for our day, so the 4 of us were in the kitchen chatting before making our own omelettes.  We packed some water bottles and Noela brought each of us some snacks and we were on our way around 10 to Old Port Montreal.  It was another beautiful day with plenty of sunshine, a nice breeze, but rather warm with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's.

We took the scenic route enjoying the beautiful countryside.  Obviously the traffic got much heavier the closer we got to the city and there is also some major construction when entering the area.

The skyline of Old Port Montreal!

We got there around 11:15 and parked near the harbor area.  We walked about 1 mile to the clock tower and climbed the 192 steps to the top for a great view of the city and the harbor.  Near the top the steps were narrow and winding like you would climb in a lighthouse.  The view was amazing.

So many outdoor eateries in the Old Port area....

.....and lots of history!

The harbor area is beautiful and we got our 1st view of the
Clock Tower!

They even have a sandy beach area!

Ready to start the 197 step climb!

Narrow stairs.....

A photo of the clock from inside!

.....that get really narrow and steep near the top!

A great way to view Old Port Montreal!


A Bit windy at the top!

Back down and by then it was time to head into the downtown area for lunch at an outside cafe.  Ken was brave and decided to order mussels, after all he was in Montreal!  

Beautiful cobblestone streets!

We ate lunch under the blue awning!

So much fun seeing the area with Ernie and Noela!

Ken's lunch!

From there we walked another 5 or 6 blocks to Notre Dame cathedral.  It was 3 and exactly the time to begin the English 20 minute tour.  It was very interesting and you have to see the intricate woodwork and painting to understand the beauty.  It is gorgeous inside!

Notre Dame!  Celine Dion was married here!

The elaborate wooden pulpit area!

Gorgeous alter area!

The back of the cathedral where you view the 7000 pipe organ with pipes
from 1/4 of an inch to 32 feet!

It was getting close to rush hour when we were back outside, so decided it was time to head back to their house.  We arrived around 6:15 after stopping at a local IGA for a few groceries.  Noela had made lasagna ahead of time so we put it in the oven and I worked on this blog and Ken took a short nap.  He was a real trooper today, but I know he definitely didn't feel 100%.  I think he went through an entire box of Kleenex!

Felt like this jet was going to land on top of us, but the airport
is right off this major highway!

After a delicious dinner outside, we cleaned up and had vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries, maple syrup and whipped cream - YUM!  (also a Wilbur Bud on the top!).  We finished our game of Hand and Foot with the women being victorious.  What a day!

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