Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday - Lower Humidity but Plenty of Sunshine and Milder Temperatures!

We had planned to have a very leisure morning and that is exactly what we did.  We were all up rather early but really took our time getting ready, having breakfast, etc.  Eventually, we left in Ernie and Noela's car with the snacks and drinks they had packed for us - how nice!

We made a stop at Tim Horton's for some coffee before driving about 1 hour to the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello, a resort that Ernie really wanted us to see!  Once we arrived, we understood why he was excited to take us there.  It was built as a private club in 1930, took about 4 months two build (what a feat) and is the largest log cabin in the world!  There is a stone fireplace in the center of the lobby/sitting area and it can be seen from every angle as well as the stone chimney.  On the 2nd level there is more seating plus game tables for chess, backgammon, checkers, etc.  There is a beautiful dining area too.

The lobby with the beautiful stone fireplace!

You can look down on it from the 3 levels!

So rustic!

Formal Dining Room!

We walked around the grounds which are bordered on one side by a tributary of the Ottawa River.  There are tennis courts, a marina, an indoor and outdoor pool with access via a tunnel from the hotel, curling, snowshoeing, skating, etc.  

Looks like a great place to relax....

so we gave it a try...

....and Ernie joined us!

The tunnel to the indoor pool!

Rather unique!

We actually got to peek inside the Ronald Reagan Suite!  George W. Bush also stayed at the Hotel.

We stopped for some groceries on our return trip and actually bought lobster tails for tonight's dinner - Wow!  (I will have steak while they do all that work to get to the lobster meat!).  We were back by 4 and I worked on my blog and we all watched some of the 2nd half of the World Cup Soccer Match and the overtime - what a game!

We worked together to get supper organized and had fun eating outside on their patio.  The 3 of them certainly enjoyed their lobster!

Wow, Noela did a great job steaming
those lobster!

Looks good enough to eat!  What a feast!  I really enjoyed
my grilled steak!
 After cleaning up, it was time for our match of Hand and Foot.  It was a great night for the boys as they won by a decent margin, but Neola and I made a strong comeback in the last round!  Then we decided to play a game of Skip-Bo and again the men won!  It is best if we let the men win every once in a while!

By 10:30 we headed to bed sad that it was the last night we would playing cards together until we meet again in Florida.  Wow, this has been such a fun 4 days!

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