Monday, February 29, 2016

No Activities Planned for Outside of the Campground!!!

Ken and I had a great night's sleep, only waking at 6:45.  We must have been tired.  Ken went to the LR to watch about 15 minutes of the news and then we both read and relaxed.

I worked on the blog since I was too tired to do it last night!  We had a delicious breakfast and then enjoyed having some tea and chia while sitting and chatting. Ken decided he needed a haircut so that was next on the schedule.  I am not bragging, but I think I did a great job!  Ken decided to tape the windshield wipers and wait until we get to Lazydays to have them replaced.  We don't want to spend any money on new ones, since we feel Lazydays should be responsible.  Ken spent time rinsing the sharks teeth and shells we had found at Manasota Beach yesterday.  We got a couple hundred teeth - a good day on the beach!  Ken dumped the tanks while I vacuumed and cleaned up inside.

I also had a nice phone conversation with my dad.  His cellulitis is greatly improved and the IV antibiotics has helped not only that, but he has more energy.  He is so happy we are enjoying our traveling adventures and encouraged me to continue.  He says the aging process happens quickly and you need to do things while you are able.  Thanks Dad for your support.

At 10:45 we left to make a few stops looking for the needed lug nut on the wheel cover on Waldo, but we were not successful.  Then on to Wal-Mart to get a few needed items.  Chuck and Melissa had driven to Costco and then to Wal-Mart, and were back at their site when we returned around 1:15.  We had a short visit with them so we could pick-up 2 items that they purchased for us at Costco.  

We put things away and then at 2:15 the 4 of us headed to the pickleball court for a fun filled afternoon of some great pickleball matches.  It was a sunny, warm day with a slight breeze, a perfect day for playing.  We had some great points and volleys and switching partners makes it a lot of fun.

We were back to Waldo by 4:15 and made salads for tonight and tomorrow.  Then we both showered.  Ken did some work on the computer and then grilled a salmon and turkey burger.  It was a delicious dinner.

Ken left at 6:15 for his Celebrate Recovery meeting at Edgewater Church about 25 minutes from here.  I worked on jewelry and watched The Voice - love that show! Ken returned at 9:30, and we called it a day.  Looking forward to a beach day tomorrow.

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