Monday, June 5, 2017

2 Good Days - Sunday and Monday!

Sunday was another cloudy, cool day.  Ken and I left for LCBC at 8:30 and enjoyed another very good church service and message.  After church, Ken and I went to Wal-Mart and then met Rick and Joyce for breakfast.  The rest of our Life Group was not available.  Ken and I also got to chat with our former SS Class that was at Evergreen also.  So good to see them.  We had a very nice time with Rick and Joyce.

We left there around 1 and went to Costco for some needed groceries.  We were back home by 2:45 and after unloading and putting things in their proper place, we went for a walk.  We toured an Open House at a 55+ community here in Lititz and although they were beautiful, I really like living in our apartment.  

When we returned we had the opportunity to talk with Donna, the lady who just moved into the apartment below us - a very nice lady!  

We had a relaxing evening which was just what we needed after a busy day on Saturday and 2 nights of not sleeping well.  We were in bed early and did some reading.  My hip and back have not been the best the last several days - rather sore.  I am hoping it soon improves!

Monday was a mostly cloudy day with periods of some heavy rain.  We were up early and Ken did some devotions while I did some reorganizing in the Kitchen and getting somethings ready for our camping trip starting later this week.  Ken left at 7:30 to have breakfast with Gary.  I cooked my breakfast and continued working in the kitchen.  

Ken and I did our 1st volunteering today with Lititz Meals on Wheels.  We delivered a hot and cold meal to about 12 homes and got to meet such nice folks.  We are substitute drivers when the regular ones are sick or on vacation. We look forward to doing it again.  The Meals on Wheels here in Lititz is such a great organization and the food they prepare is amazing!

We stopped back home for lunch and then went to Ephrata to pick up Wilbur stopping to get gas for traveling and then propane for our stove, generator, etc.  All went well, but it was raining off and on during our travels.  We parked Wilbur in the parking lot here at the apartment.  Nice to have him with us again!

Ken worked at his desk and I made muffins using Noela's recipe.  After cleaning up the Kitchen, Ken and I left for a walk.  Then we watched the news and Ken left for CR.  I spent the evening making sea glass pendants.  When Ken returned we watched the 4th game of the Stanley Cup.  What a fast paced game!

Tonight's CR was a special one for Ken.  He has marked 18 months of not drinking.  I am so proud of him!  I know he is making a difference for many people who struggle with addictions!

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