Saturday, June 17, 2017

No Time at the Campground!

It was a hot day but didn't feel too badly because it was cloudy most of the day. It was a very busy one for us, leaving the CG around 8 AM and only returning at 7:30.

Ken and I made a cooked breakfast and were on our way to Lanie and Bob's, about a 50 minute drive by 8:10.  We didn't take the turnpike, which would have been the quickest route, because we stopped at Shirk's Bike Shop to leave our bikes there so they could have their yearly tune-up.  We arrived at Lanie's around 9:30 and the painting began.

Bob is hosting a Kubb Tournament near Elverson on August 19th and has 17 Kubb sets that needed painted.  They were stained when purchased, but he wanted to paint them blue with 2 white stripes and then an additional yellow one - nothing simple about this project!  He had painted them white and then Lanie and Bob had taped them in preparation for the remainder of the painting. They had everything very well organized and it went very smoothly.  3 of his co-workers that are part of his Kubb Team also came to help.  When we left they were waiting for the kubbs to dry before the final coat on half of the block could be finished.  Then all that was needed was the yellow stripe.  We did well. 

We had quite an assembly line for this project!

Anyone who has an interest in being in the tournament should check out this website  There will be all levels of players and should be a fun and interesting day.  I look forward to seeing some the "professional" Kubb players.  Bob and his team travel to several major tournaments throughout the spring and summer and do very well.  They are hosting this tournament with the hopes of getting more people introduced to the game.  It really is a great game!

We left their home around 1:30, stopped at a local roadside stand for some fruits and veggies and were at our apartment by 2:10.  Ken showered and left for his Step Study and I stayed at the apartment till he returned around 5.  We drove into Lebanon to Hobby Lobby so I could get the mat board needed for the background of my sea glass pictures.  Then we stopped at Leisa's in Palmyra for a light dinner, a place where we often ate with Ken's mother and stepfather.  It was fun to reminisce and the food was as good as we remembered.

Only got back to the CG around 7:30, changed clothes, and took our chairs to Neil and Nancy's campsite to enjoy a campfire with them and 4 of their friends. It was a delightful evening, despite a few light showers.  Back to Wilbur by 9:45 and we went right to bed.

We are supposed to stay here until Tuesday, but I think we will leave by lunch time on Monday because the are predicting severe storms later that day.  We shall see!

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