Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Great Day with Bria and Cali!

Wednesday was a partly sunny day and in the 70's.  Ken was up early and really enjoyed doing his devotions outside.  I got up at 6:45 and we made breakfast and then ate it at the picnic table.  

We met Jamie, Bria, and Cali about 30 minutes from the CG at the Quentin Restaurant.  Jamie headed back home and upon the girls request, we drove to Chocolate World to take the riding tour.  We bought Jolly Rancher stuffed bears for the girls and we enjoyed sharing cookies.  We actually took the ride 2X's. 

1st time on the ride!

On the 2nd ride we switched seats and partners!

One of the 3 ingredients in Hershey's Chocolate is farm fresh
milk.  The local dairies is what brought Mr. Hershey to
this town and the starting of his factory!

Chocolate World makes delicious cookies too!

When we got back to the CG we sat outside and played UNO.  Then it was time for lunch.  We all changed, dropped of the beach bag at the pool and proceeded to the mini golf course, where Grandma was the big winner - Yeah!  After spending about 2 hours at the pool it was time for ice cream.  We decided to go back to Wilbur to play more games.

This golf course is rather challenging!

Cali looks like she is really concentrating!

Bria takes it seriously too!

Cali in action!

We had such a good time!

On the way back they also did some playing on the playground and then waded through the creek.

Cali wasn't so sure, because the bottom of the creek was so

What are you doing, Bria????

So, after showering the girls played some "volleyball" and did some jump roping.  PawPaw decided to take a nap, so the girls played on our I-Pads while I did some reading in my Boundaries book (I find it a very intense book that is rather hard to understand, let alone teach!).  I prepared potatoes and salads for dinner, and the girls spent time outside with PawPaw playing while he started a fire.  He grilled the potatoes and then we all made our hot dogs on the campfire. After a delicious dinner it was time for dessert - s'mores!  After cleaning up, we played Racko.  

I think the smoke was heading right over Bria!

I put on my SAS and the 4 of us went for a walk around the CG stopping at Neil and Nancy's so the girls could meet their dog Tatum.  They were eating dinner, so they allowed us to take Tatum for a walk.  After returning Tatum, we stopped by Cindy and John's site and they were preparing to head home tonight instead of waiting till the morning.  We had a nice little visit.  

So good to see Bria over her fear of dogs!  They loved
playing with Tatum!
Back to Wilbur and as we promised Jamie, Bria and Cali were in bed by 9 and then read till 9:30.  We didn't hear anything after that!  It was a fun day!

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