Friday, June 16, 2017

Quiet at Wilbur Today!

Ken was up before me and did some reading till I got up around 7:30.  It was a rather cloudy day but did get into the low 80's.  They were predicting some rain, but for some reason it never got to our location!

So, we had breakfast and were on the pickleball court by 9:15.  I was so excited to have a chance to play.  Ruth was the only person who joined us, but we had such a good time.  We played 2 on 1 changing after one of the sides got 5 points.  It was a great way to practice having better ball control.  We played until 11 and felt like we had some really good exercise.

We shower, changed, and then ate lunch outside.  We were at Masonic Homes by 1 and spent the afternoon playing Pinochle with Mom and Dad.  We played 4 games and it was a tie - 2 to 2.  Again they expressed how thankful they are that we are so faithful in coming to visit and play cards.

Back to Wilbur by 5 and we decided to do some prep work inside and out for our departure. We aren't leaving until at least Monday, but they are predicting some rain off and on the next several days with heavy storms on Monday, so we wanted to put the carpet, some chairs, wood, etc. in the basement of Wilbur before everything got wet.

Before we made dinner, I did some work on the blog and Ken read.  He grilled salmon and chicken for dinner while I made salads and sauteed veggies.  It was a great night to eat outside.

After dinner, I downloaded photos, worked on the blog again and Ken did some more homework outside for his class tomorrow afternoon.  At 8:30 we decided to go for a walk (time for the SAS to go on!) and we spent sometime chatting with Neil and Nancy and some of their friends that were enjoying a campfire. We did some more walking (it was a perfect evening with no bugs) before arriving back at Wilbur.  By now it was 9:45, so I quickly finished my blog, showered, and we were in bed by a little after 10.

It has been a wonderful day!

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