Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday - Another Fun Day with Samantha and Katelyn!

Katelyn woke at 6:20 and decided to wake Samantha too!  We heard them but they were having a fun time together while in bed in the LR.   A little before 7 they came to our room and this Grandma was not ready to get up.  They asked to play on our I-Pads which we allowed so we could watch the news.  By 7:20 Ken and I were up and got ourselves ready for the day.

Ken got fruit for the girls while I made them pancakes.  We ate outside and already it was in the mid 70's.  We left the CG at 9:20 and drove to Masonic Homes so my parents could spend some time with the girls.  They hadn't seen them for quite a while.  The 6 of us walked to the cafe where we got drinks and sat outside on the patio.  The girls enjoyed the glider type swing.  They were having an indoor picnic for dad's floor today, so the 4 of us got to have lunch there which gave us more time to all be together.  It worked out so well and Samantha and Katelyn were amazing, so patient and kind.

Sitting on the patio of the outdoor cafe!

Enjoying the picnic lunch at Masonic Homes with Mom and
Dad (MaMaw and PaPaw)
We were back to the CG by 1:00, changed into our bathing suits and headed to the pool.  I actually got in the water up to my shoulders today, but let me tell you, that water was cold!!!  Again we had some delicious ice cream.  After all, we have to treat our granddaughters!!!!  Ken left around 3:15 to do some clean-up, dump the tanks, and shower.  The girls and I came back around 4:15 and we stopped by to chat with John and Cindy because PawPaw was there too!

Everyone showered and then it was time to start dinner.  Tonight the menu was grilled filet (which the girls love!), more mac and cheese for them and sauteed veggies for us.  Another gorgeous night to eat outside.  PawPaw started another campfire and we played a game of marbles while we waited for the perfect coals for making s'mores, again!  Then we enjoyed a game of Rack-o.  

The last 2 nights have been late ones for the girls, so we were inside by 7:45 and all got ready for bed.  PawPaw and Grandma were tired too!  I worked on the blog while the girls had more I-Pad time to calm them down and then by 8:45 they were "tucked in" for the night.  We actually didn't hear a "peep" out of them, for they were so tired!

Ken and I read and I downloaded photos and finished my blogs.  I also had a little time to read!  These last 2 days have been busy ones!

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