Saturday, June 10, 2017

Woke to Some Showers, But Then a Beautiful Day!

Ken was up around 6 and did some reading and devotions!  He came to wake me at what  I thought was 6:15, but it was actually 8:15 - wow!  We got ready to go play Pickleball, but it started to "drizzle" again.  So we took our time having breakfast and I did some work on our blog.

Around 9:30 we decided to head to the courts.  They were wet, but John found a CG worker and he used a blower to dry the courts while John did some sweeping.  They were dry in no time!!!!  People started showing up and we had 10 players.  Again, it was a fun time, some great games, and we only finished around noon.

Back to Wilbur to eat lunch outside, shower, clean-up Waldo, and Ken even had the opportunity to take a short nap.  We left the CG at 1:45 to go back to the apartment for a few items we had forgotten and then I dropped Ken off at a church for his Step Study Class.  I went to Wal-Mart to get some items we would need for the arrival of our granddaughters starting tomorrow after church.  Went back to the church to get Ken and we returned to the CG around 5:15.  

When we got back, we stopped to chat with Cindy and John and deliver the Thermos bottle they had wanted that I found at Wal-Mart.  Back to Wilbur to find a place for what I had bought, do a little clean-up, and then Ken went to Campbell Town to pick up a pizza.

Rick and Joyce arrived around 6:30 and we got to eat our pizza outside.  Cindy and John stopped by on their way out of the CG to meet Rick and Joyce. Actually they had met John upon their arrival when they stopped and asked him for directions to Site B-6.  John knew we were expecting Rick and Joyce so he said, "The Hoslers.  You don't want to go to see them!"  Then he told them he was my brother-in-law.  Of all the people they could have asked for directions, they talked to John - Wow!  

We played a game of Pinochle outside which the women won and then around 8, the 4 of us walked to the CG store to get ice cream for dessert.  They serve Hershey's ice cream and for $2.00 you get 2 scoops!  What a deal.  Upon returning, we went indoors to play Skip-Bo and Uno and the men won both! They left around 10:30 after a wonderful, fun-filled evening.  What great friends!

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