Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Busy, Fun Day!

Thursday was an off and on sunny day, but warm - 80's.  Bria and Cali came to our room at 7:15 after a good night's sleep.  They played on our I-Pads while we undid their bed, got ready and made the usual - a pancake breakfast which we ate outside.  Ken and I chose to pass on the pancakes.

We cleaned up and then we all played Racko.  By then the mini golf course had opened so we walked over to begin play again.  The 3 of them were determined to beat Grandma, but that didn't happen.  I am the reigning champ!!!

On the way back to Wilbur, we checked out the killdeer bird that was sitting on its "nest".  What an interesting bird.  It builds its nest in a depression on the ground and if you get too close, she leaves the nest and acts like she has a broken wing to draw attention to her and not her eggs.  2 killdeers have nests here and both are at "unsafe" locations, so the workers  put a chair over the nest to protect the eggs.  The eggs are rather large and tan with darker brown spots.

I love her stripes!

The eggs are rather large and unique!

The girls decided they would like hot dogs again for lunch so Ken put them on the grill.  We played a game of Skip-Bo and UNO.  After loading the car we helped the girls do some jump roping.  While here, they learned how to jump into a twirling rope.  They were excited.  

The 4 of us were at our apartment by 1:30 and the girls left with Jamie around 2.  I put on my SAS and we went for a walk around Lititz, then showered and Ken worked on his Step Study homework.  I spent time preparing to lead our Life Group study of the book, Boundaries.  It is such a challenging book that is very difficult to lead.  It is a bit too deep for me.

We met our Life Group at The Deck to eat dinner outdoors.  It was wrap night and all of the wraps we tried were delicious.  From there we went to Paparos for our study time.  Fortunately there was lots of participation and the discussion was interesting and thought provoking.  After having dessert we were on our way back to the CG by 9:30.  We were tired and went right to bed where we did some reading.

We have certainly had many fun, busy days on this camping adventure.

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