Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A Beautiful Tuesday, Followed by a Cool, Cloudy Wednesday!

Ken and I were up early, watched the news, and had a cooked breakfast.  I got ready for my 8:45 appt. at the Kissel Hill Medical Center where I had my routine cytology urinalysis.  I made sure I drank a lot before I went there.  You do not want to leave before you complete the "task"!

Ken left when I returned to pick-up our repaired bike rack.  He had taken it back to the gentleman who had repaired it before by doing some welding.  After our trip out west and in Florida, it was starting to "sag"!  The welder said that was still intact, but the actual rack needed a lot of work.  It appears he did a great job!

I packed up some things and then started to load Wilbur.  We haven't camped since the beginning of April so there are a lot of things that need to go back in our motorhome!  

We ate lunch and then at 1:30 we went to Bria's school to see all the 4th grade students (about 80) portray different characters who have something to do with PA.  It was set-up like a wax museum where you pushed a button in front of the student and they gave you information on their character's life.  Bria was Harriet Lane, the niece of President  James Buchanan, the only President from PA.  He was a bachelor so Harriet lived at the White House with him and served as the 1st Lady.  Bria did such a great job with her memorized speech and she looked so grown-up.  She was very confident and had no problem making eye contact with the "audience".  Back about a month ago, she told me what they would be doing and mentioned that she was going to be Harriet Lane.  She said you probably don't know who she is.  So, I proceeded to tell her who she was and she was "shocked".  She asked me how I knew so much about her and I just told her that Grandma is very smart and I think she believed it.  I had trouble keeping a straight face!!!!

Harriet Lane with her Mimi!

Having a good time!

She was such a Professional!

Okay, I my be biased, but she is one beautiful young lady!

Such self-confidence and so grown-up!

Ken and I were back home by 3:15 and we spent more time loading Wilbur and then went for a walk.  Ken grilled chicken and at 6:15 I left to play Pickleball.  It was a cooler evening and started our calm, but after about 1/2 hour, the winds got quite strong.  That makes pickleball rather difficult.  I left around 7:45 after a fun time.  Ken had spent the evening reading and doing homework for his class.  

Ken and I watched America's Got Talent and we were so impressed with many of the acts.  By 10 we were in bed and did some reading.

Today, Wednesday, we woke to a cloudy, cool day.  I made breakfast for Ken and by 8 he was on his way to his volunteer job at MCC.  I did a load of wash, cleaned up the kitchen, and then made numerous trips to Wilbur loading more necessary items for our camping trip at Hershey (only about 35 minutes from home!).  I took time to call Noela and check how they are doing.  All is well. They are keeping busy, feeling well, and enjoying their time at home.  Hope to go outwest, particularly Salt Lake City, after they celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving the 2nd weekend in October.  They will spend Jan, Feb, and March in Florida.  I also did some reading and prep work for the leading of our Life Group.

Ken was home by 12:30 and after eating lunch on the deck (the sun came out for a short time) we went for a walk.  It went well!  I left at 2:30 for a fabulous pedicure at Sue's Salon that Jamie gave me as a gift for Mother's Day!  What a special "treat"!  I positively loved it!

More trips to Wilbur when I got back home and then to Polly's house to pick up our bikes.  We always have a fun time talking with her.  She is a special lady. Ken had done a great job of cleaning our gas grill.  We ate dinner and by then the refrigerator and freezer in Wilbur were cold enough to load with food.  So, more trips with the necessary food for our camping adventure!

We watched Little Big Shots while I worked on this blog and downloaded photos. We have dental appointments tomorrow morning at 8 and as soon as we get back home we will be on our way to Hershey.  Cindy and John have been there since Monday and we are looking forward to spending time with them.

We are excited to go on a camping adventure and to share some of that time with our 4 granddaughters.  We always have a good time!

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