Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Fun Althouse Family Picnic!

Ken and I were at LCBC by 8:50 and enjoyed the service while sitting with Jamie and Dane!   The month of July is At The Movies theme for all of our sermons (we do it every July) and the entire lobby was set up to look like a movie set.  It was amazing.  Maybe we can get some pictures of it next Sunday!

We headed right home after the service and made delicious omelettes and bowl of fresh fruit.  We changed and loaded the coolers with the food we were providing for the picnic at Cindy's son and his wife's home in York (about a 40 minute drive for us).   It was a gorgeous sunny day and about 84 degrees, perfect for an all day outdoor picnic!  Everyone that was invited was there including my mother - Cindy and John, her 3 children and their families, John's son, Dustin and his family, and our 2 daughters and their families.  We played yard games all afternoon and if you know anything about the Althouse clan, every game becomes an intense competition.  We always have a great time!

Most of the family is participating in the outdoor games!
Bria enjoys Kan Jam

Ladder golf is always a fun, competitive game!

Cindy's oldest granddaughter, Alexandra (she is married) and
Cindys youngest grandchild, Jack!

Jamie is enjoying watching all the activity!

The grandchildren enjoyed some time in the pool and the
water guns!

Cindy's son, TW, and our mother!

Cindys daughter, Michele, and her friend, Lawn! 

Lanie, Alexandra, and Johns son, Dustin, and his wife Kathy!

This is Arlene (Cindys daughter-in-law) and her son, Bennett.
She and TW were our host and hostess for the picnic!

Bob is the champion of Kubb!

Such form and concentration.  He practices almost everyday
and he and his team will compete in Wisconsin in a few weeks!

Because Bob is so good, we have all the little ones on
his Team.  They still win!

Bria and Cali!

Katelyn is a good Kubb player!

Bria and Cali do very well too!

What do you mean that we lost????

Look at that - we won!!!!

We were back home by 8:15 and decided to go right to bed and read!  It was a wonderful day!

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