Monday, June 26, 2017

Pickleball, Walk, More Help for Rick and Joyce, and Ken's Step Class!By

Ken and I both left the apartment at 8:30 but he went for a 50 minute walk and I drove to play pickleball.  We both had a fun time.  I was back by 10:15 and Ken agreed to go for another walk.  What a guy!  So I put on my SAS and off we went for about 45 minutes!  It was a perfect morning for outside activities!

Yesterday I had text Joyce and asked if she needed anymore help before their settlement on Tuesday.  She left us know that she would be so thankful if we would be available in the afternoon to do the last minute things at the house.

So when we returned from our walk I got a text from Joyce that she had just picked up Rick at the hospital (only 72 hours since robotic heart surgery - wow!) and they were doing some necessary errands.  I quickly showered and then I called her and said we were ready to leave.  They were going to go to the Exeter Diner for lunch so we said we would join them (nothing like inviting yourself!)  

We were there by 12:45 and Rick looked amazing.  I wondered if he actually had the surgery!  

Doesn't he look amazing for just having such serious surgery!
Joyce looks great too with all the pressure she has had on her
the last 6 days!

After finishing lunch we went to their house and Rick sat on the chair we brought along for him.  We loaded somethings in the back of their pick-up, clothing in the back of our car, and then cleaned out the frig and freezer.  Joyce and I finished cleaning the house - she had done most of it last evening. 

Deb and Lloyd arrived with their large pick-up around 3 and we managed to fill the back of it with boxes, etc.  By 3:45 we had a "caravan" driving to Hamburg to Joyce's niece where they where storing all the items that are going to Florida in her garage.  After we finished unloading, Ken and I said our good-byes and headed back to Lititz arriving around 6:00. Rick, Joyce, Lloyd and Deb drove on to Joyce's brother's home to unload just a few things and it is where Rick and Joyce will be staying until they leave for Florida in about a month. Ken quickly showered and left by 6:10 for CR.

I spent the evening watching American Ninja Warrior while downloading photos and working on the blog.  It appears that our schedules for the next 2 days are a bit more "quiet" which is probably a good thing.  We are a bit tired!

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