Saturday, June 24, 2017

Helped Joyce Pack and Load Truck!

Ken and I were on our way by 6:45 to Rick and Joyce's house to help her finish up some additional packing and then loading the boxes, etc. onto a truck that was provided by a fellow church member! Numerous other folks from our Life Group and LCBC joined us. 

Alton and Jane went to the hospital to be with Rick while we worked at the house!  He was doing extremely well, took a walk down the hall, and then was moved to a private room.  They were talking about sending him home on Monday if he keeps recovering so well!

While the men loaded the truck to take things to Joyce's brothers house until they leave for Florida, the ladies did some vacuuming and other cleaning.  When the truck was loaded (and there was plenty of help to unload it), Ken and I headed back to Lititz, making several stops on the way, and were home by 1:00.  Ken showered and I started cutting and slicing food for tomorrow's family picnic.  

Ken left at 2:30 for his Step Study class and I decided to play some games on the I-Pad while watching the movie, Roadhouse.  I really dislike violent movies, but I enjoy this one.  What can I say????  I am such a Patrick Swayze fan!  Then I decided to head back to the kitchen and prepare my fruit tray for the picnic. When Ken got home at 4:30 he helped me finish cutting the fruit and then he did the dishes while I got ready for card club!

We met our couples card club at Garfield's Restaurant for a delicious light dinner of soup and salad.  Then back to Dan and Jackie's to play cards, have snacks, and then a light dessert.  What a fun evening.  We only got home at midnight, late for these 2 seniors!

It was another busy day!

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