Friday, June 23, 2017

Rick's Surgery Day!

Ken left at 7:30 to have breakfast with his mentor for the one class he is taking.  While he was gone, I showered and made myself breakfast.  My friend, Jackie, called and we talked for about 40 minutes.  She and Dan just returned last Sunday from a trip to Norway and she was sick most of this week.  She is finally feeling better and called to discuss our couples card club that will be at their house this Saturday night.  We had a great phone conversation.  I also talked to Deb, Jane, and Joyce all ladies in our Life Group.  We discussed our "strategy" for spending time with Rick and Joyce.

Ken was home by 10:15 and by 11:15 I left to head to Reading Hospital to sit with Joyce and her sister-in-law while Rick was in surgery.  He had left his room at 11 and was expected to only return in about 4 hours.  I was so happy I was available to spend that time with Joyce.  It is always nice for people to be with you when your loved one is in major surgery.

At 3 the surgeon came to talk to Joyce and she was very pleased with how well the surgery went.  It was a robotic surgery which will make his recovery so much better.  They took him to what they call Cardiac Intensive Care and by 4:15 Joyce and her sister-in-law went in to see him.  Linda came out after a short visit and said I was welcome to go back.  He was sitting in a chair but looked so groggy.  I only stayed about 5 minutes so Joyce and he could have some quiet time together.  He was having pain, so they gave him morphine.  Hopefully tomorrow he will feel a lot better!

Now the humorous part - I spent at least 45 minutes walking around the parking garage and could not find my car!  How embarrassing.  So eventually some security men came to get my keys and then went on a search.  After about 10 minutes they brought the car to me.  I did not realize I had parked in the lower level and never found that area to look for it.  Quite an adventure!  I headed home and positively drove through the worst torrential rain I have ever experienced when driving.  It poured!!!!  I had wanted to stop at Wal-Mart in Ephrata and by the time I got there the rain had ended.  I don't think they even had any in that area.

Now here is the good part - Ken had dinner waiting for me.  What a guy!  We spent the evening relaxing in front of the TV - Ken read and I worked on this blog!

Tomorrow we will leave around 7 to go to Rick and Joyce's home to help load the truck with the things they will be taking to Florida.  It will be stored at Rick's niece's home until they are able to head south.  They have settlement on their house in the Reading area on Tuesday, so everything has to be out of there.  After that Ken has his class and we have card club in the evening.  It will be another busy day, but good!

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