Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Fun Weekend!

Saturday was an off and on sunny day!  As soon as I got up I started mixing a double batch of oat bran muffins.  Yes, Noela, we are hooked on these.  I gave a couple to my mother and she loves them too, so I have to keep her supplied. After putting the muffins in the oven, it was time to make breakfast. Ken had done some reading and devotions earlier, so after breakfast, it was my turn.  

Ken spent a lot of the morning going through more photos from our western trips, still trying to decide which ones to order and then put in the frames we hope to hang in our LR.  I did a little crafting before it was time for lunch.  We also ordered some paint markers for me that are recommended for rock painting.  I had bought and tried to use Sharpie permanent markers, but they just don't work and it is rather frustrating.  I did some research and found the type that most of the rock painters recommend and Ken really encouraged me to take the "plunge" (they aren't cheap") and buy them.  So, we ordered them from Amazon.

Around 1, I drove to Lancaster to return a top I had bought in Florida that I decided is too big and then to Joann Fabrics and Michaels for a few craft supplies.   It was rather warm and sunny when I went into Michael's, so I opened the front car windows about an inch.  While in Michael's I was unaware how cloudy and windy it had gotten.  Actually, the electric went off for about 15 seconds, but it "shut off" their computer registers for about 20 minutes - what a mess!  While waiting for them to be operational, it started to POUR and it was then that I remembered opening my car windows - WOW!  It did rain in, but it could have been so much worse.  

Ken started a new Step Study today that will go on for about 26 weeks with 6 other gentlemen.  They will meet every Saturday from 3 to 5.  We were both home by 5:15 and I made us enchiladas, something I had never made before.  Both of us enjoy Mexican food and my creation was pretty good.

We were at Dan and Jackie's by 6:30 and it was a great evening of fellowship and card playing. Throughout the evening, we had some great discussions and sharing time.  Later we played 3 games of Pinochle and the men won 2.  We will get them next time!!

We were home by midnight and it was off to bed!

Today, Sunday, was a very breezy cold day for late April.  Cindy and John had invited us to their church today for Bring a Friend Sunday, so Ken and I decided to go there.  Upon their invitation, my mother had decided to come too and she was surprised to see us there.  It was a very nice service and their minister is certainly very dynamic and inspiring.  We really enjoyed being there and it was nice to spend time with family!

After church, Ken and I headed to Costco to get a few items and decided to go home and make breakfast instead of doing our usual Sunday morning breakfast outing.  Ken deboned the rotisserie chicken we had bought while I cut up fresh fruit for us.  Then we made eggs.  After eating, we worked together to prep for dinner making 4 salads (2 for tomorrow night) and a large pot of wild rice.  Then it was clean-up time.

We went through the pictures Ken had chosen for framing, trying to narrow down our selections - what a job!!!  We really enjoyed reminiscing while going through them.

Ken read and rested while I made some greeting cards with some of the new items I had bought yesterday!  We had planned to go to watch Bria and Cali play field hockey, but it was very cloudy, cold and windy, so we decided to pass for today.  Later Jamie text us that it was so cold watching the game which is on top of a hill.  These Floridians just can't take this cold weather!!!

After dinner we played a game of Hand and Foot which Ken won again - this is getting old! But, I did have an amazing last round (he didn't even get into his foot!), so I almost caught up, but NOT!!!!!

I crocheted while watching American Idol and Ken was in his office doing some homework for his Step Study!  We went to bed at 10:15 after a rather relaxing day!

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