Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Tuesday - Warm, Sunny Morning, but then Clouds and Rain! Wednesday - Cloudy Day, But Mild!

Ken was up early to do his reading and then worked at his desk.  We made omelettes for breakfast and after cleaning up, Ken went back to his desk while I made several phone calls.  Had a wonderful conversation with Joyce, who is near Key West for the week and also with my mother to see what she would like to do together today.  We had planned to do some shopping after lunch, but decided she would rather I come to Masonic Village and we work together making some greeting cards.

Ken left to help serve lunch at the Mission and I was on my way to Pickleball at the Hempfield Sports Complex by 10:40.  I met Cindy and John there and we had a fun time playing together and with the other players.  We switch partners after every game, but for some reason Cindy and I played together about 3 times and did rather well.  I really enjoyed it!

I left there at 1 and spent the rest of the day making cards with my mother.  Unfortunately the 1st card we chose to make took a lot more time than anticipated, so we only made 2 different cards in all the time I was there.  Dad spent part of the day with us, just watching us work among our chaos!  I left around 7:45 and spent time putting all the supplies I had taken with me in their proper place.

Ken only got home from the Mission around 2 and by 5:45 he was on his way to Celebrate Recovery.  At 9:30 PM I met him at Marty's Garage in Akron so we could leave our "new" car there to get inspected tomorrow.  It was a horrible night for driving with all the rain and glare!

By 10 we were in bed where we did some reading before turning out the lights.

Today, Wednesday, I made flax pancakes for Ken, but I wasn't "feeling them" for myself.  He left at 7:30 to do his volunteering at MCC.  I spent the morning "catching up" on my devotions, making myself breakfast and enjoying reading the paper before working on this blog.  By 11:30 I decided I should get out of my PJ's and shower.  I guess it was a relaxing morning!

Ken was back by 1:30 after stopping at a local roadside stand for veggies and fruit.  We ate lunch and I went to the office to do some crafting.  I finished the cards we had "almost finished" yesterday and then did some rock painting.  Ken left at 2:45 to have coffee with one of the young men he is currently mentoring.  He returned at 4:15 and we drove to Marty's Garage to pick up the Civic that was inspected and needed new brakes in the front.

Ken went back home and made us salads and quinoa for dinner while I went to Wal-Mart for some groceries.  He started grilling a steak for me and salmon for himself as soon as I got home around 6:15.  We watched the News while eating.

After cleaning up, we played a whole game of Hand and Foot (4 rounds) and Ken won by quite a large margin!  He did some reading and I did more rock painting, which I really enjoy.

By 10:15 we went to bed to do some reading.  

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