Sunday, April 8, 2018

Saturday and Sunday - A Great Weekend!

Ken got up at 6:30 and I was awake in time to watch the Morning News.  It was only near 40 degrees and cloudy, but Ken decided to take a walk - I didn't have an interest.  So off he went for about 1 1/4 hours!  I did a load of wash, my stretches, and my devotions till he returned.  ( I played a game on his I-Pad but we won't mention that!)

We ate a light breakfast and then it was shower time.  Ken spent about 1/2 hour talking to Ernie.  They did get home yesterday and are trying to adapt to the cold weather.  All of us feel extremely blessed when we get home from Florida safe and sound!  I talked with Melissa since we hadn't chatted for quite a while.  They had a good time in San Antonio this winter, but January was very cool and dreary.  February was a great month for golfing and being outdoors.  Chuck is having rotator cuff surgery this Thursday that will be rather major.  We are praying that all will go well and that the recovery will be quicker than predicted.  

Ken vacuumed (a job that is hard on my back!) and then went to the grocery store for a few items.  I washed the floors and then spent just a little time painting.  After a light lunch, Ken rested and I scoured the bathroom.  

At 2, Dan and Jackie, great friends for many years, picked us up and the 4 of us went to see the movie, "I Can Only Imagine"!  What a powerful and great movie!  We all really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it!  From there we went to Mick's Grill, an eatery in the theater complex, for soup and salads.  Then back to our place to play Hand and Foot, a new game for Dan.  The men were definitely the winners.  Jackie and I just couldn't get going!  She was unable to get into her "Foot" the 1st 3 rounds -what is that about?  We had a fun time anyway just playing, chatting, and sharing life!  They left around 10:30 and we were off to bed!

Today, Sunday, was a sunny day but only in the 40's.  It was in the upper 20's when we got up.  Fortunately and for a nice change, it was sunny today.  We went to LCBC and sat with Jamie, Dane, and his parents.  It was an amazing sermon with so much to think about and contemplate.  After church we went to breakfast with Eddie and Lori and had a nice time "catching up" because we hadn't seen them since we were together in Florida!  From there Ken and I went to Jamie and Dane's (they knew we were coming) and played games with girls and and had some nice conversation with Dane and Jamie.  It was a wonderful 1 1/2 hours together!  They really are a special family!

On the way home, I chatted with Cindy who had called earlier to ask about my Dr. appointment that I had on Thursday.  What a great sister!  They are leaving tomorrow morning for North Carolina to Camp LeJeune where they left their motorhome on the way back from Florida.  They are looking forward to spending about a week there.

We were home by 2 and it was a relaxing day.  We would have gone for a walk, but it was in the 30's, windy, and just too cold for our "Florida blood"!  I spent the afternoon at my craft desk making a few greeting cards, writing some notes to friends, and cleaning up my area.  Ken did some reading and we watched some of the Masters Golf.  After leftovers for dinner, I did a little more crafting, worked on this blog, and by 9:30 we were in bed.

It has been a very nice weekend!

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