Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday - Finally a Gorgeous Summer Day!

Ken and I were up right after 5 AM and by 5:30 he was on his way to help serve breakfast at the Water Street Mission.  I got ready and left at 6:30 to have breakfast with my Curvette friends.

I had a great time catching up on what has been going on in all of their lives since I missed a lot while I was in Florida.  From there I did numerous errands including Dollar Tree, Green Dragon, Wal-Mart and Aldi's.  I only got back to the house around 10:30.  Ken enjoyed his time serving at the Mission and was busy at his desk after he got back.

We put away all the groceries I had purchased and then we went to Costco for a few additional items.  Back home in time for a late lunch and then the prep began for our family "Easter" get together during the day tomorrow and the hosting of our couples card club at our place in the evening.  I also put together the Easter baskets for our granddaughters.  Ken vacuumed and did the dishes while I got the food ready for both events.  He decided to go for an hour walk, but by then my back was pretty uncomfortable and I thought I better just relax, playing some games on my tablet and then crocheting.

Ken grilled steak and salmon and we were able to eat on our balcony.  Today was a phenomenal day with plenty of sunshine and the temperature got up to 80 degrees!  It really felt like summer.  Matter of fact, it was 61 degrees when I left for breakfast at 6:30!  We are loving it!!!!

After cleaning up, Ken and I played a whole game of Hand and Foot (4 rounds) and I was the victor by a fairly large margin.  I worked on this blog and we both did some reading.  By 9:30 we were headed to bed.  It has been a rather busy day!

I did get the results of my stress test and echo cardiogram but only on the hospital portal.  It appears that everything is normal, but I haven't heard from my Dr.   I wish they spoke in "English"!

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