Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday - A Sunny but Cool Day!

Ken was up at 6:15 and did some reading before I got out of bed.  I did some stretches, showered, and then we ate a light breakfast.  I did some work on our blog before leaving at 10 for my Dr. appointment.

Ken went with me to see the back/neck specialist regarding my scoliosis.  We both thought it wise for Ken to hear what he had to say as well as be there to ask some questions that I may not think to discuss.  I was very appreciative of the honesty and kindness of Dr. Olivira and his approach to my issues.  He talked to us 1st and did some checking of my reflexes and back and then they took me for some x-rays of my back.  As we were returning to the exam room the radiologist asked if I experienced a lot of chronic back pain.  She was very surprised when I said I was comfortable sitting and driving, but had trouble doing much walking.  She said she felt I was rather fortunate considering the condition of my spine.  

The Dr. returned to talk to Ken and I and said if I required or desired surgery, it would have to be done at a University Hospital not in this area, for it would be rather complicated.  I told him at this point I am not looking for anything so drastic, but looking for some relief if possible.  So, he suggested a back support, velcro brace to wear when active, an MRI to check the narrowing of my spine and if any nerves are being pinched, and then 6 to 8 weeks of physical therapy.  I was in favor of those options.  I will see him again after he gets the results of the MRI, but will hopefully start the physical therapy in the very near future.  Ken asked him about my playing pickleball and he said he would encourage me to do any type of physical activity that I can handle and hopes that walking will go better when wearing the back support.  I guess time will tell.  I really didn't learn anything today that was a surprise.  I did find out that my curvature is at 60% which is quite a lot!  Again, that wasn't a surprise either just a bit frustrating!

We stopped by Jamie's to visit, but she wasn't home, so we went to see Wilbur and ran the generator.  While there, I had a nice phone conversation with Noela.  They are doing well, but not appreciating their bad weather.  

Ken and I were back home by 1:30 (we were at the Dr.'s office for 2 hours), ate lunch, and then spent time going through our shells to find the best ones to put in a shadow box we recently purchased.  It was quite a job but the real time consuming part will be mounting them in the display.  We saved that for another day!

I had great phone conversations with Noela, Joyce, Jackie and Melissa.  So nice to have special friends to share life with!

I worked on this blog and then had salads and bean burgers for dinner!  At 6 we left to go to church at LCBC since we hadn't gone to their service on Sunday and they offer one on Monday night.  I debated about going, but was glad I went with Ken.  We were home by 8 and I crocheted while watching The Voice.  Ken was in his office reading.

Off to bed at 10.

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