Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuesday - Guess What?? Cold, Partly Sunny Day! Where is Spring????

Ken was up early to read and then we both watch some of the Morning News after I did my stretches.  We had a delicious omelette breakfast and then got ready for our day!

I left at 9:15 and stopped at Dane's office to sign our finished tax documents and then went to AC Moore to use another 55% off coupon for a skein of yarn.  Then it was on to the Hempfield Sports Complex to play pickleball from 10:45 to 1:15.  It seemed strange that John and Cindy weren't there, but I still had a good time.  I was really thrilled with how I played today especially the effectiveness of my serve.  Not bragging, it just felt good to play well.

I got home around 1:45 and Ken had a busy time while I was gone.  He had stopped by Dane's office to sign the documents and then get copies of them.  Then he was off to Costco for his prescription and to get a few groceries.  From there he went to the Christian Bookstore to purchase a book for a friend who is going through a tough time medically.

He decided to go for a long walk, but because I had gotten a lot of exercise this morning, I chose to pass!  Instead, I did some game playing on my tablet and then did a little crocheting, followed by some cardmaking.  Ken left at 5:45 to pick up a buddy to go to Celebrate Recovery for dinner and the meeting.  I had some lasagna I had brought home from Briandi's in Florida with a salad.  What a treat!

While Ken was at CR, I did a lot of crocheting and then worked on this blog.  Ken got back at 9:30 and after some chatting, we were off to bed.  It was a relaxing evening and a fun day!

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