Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Tuesday & Wednesday - Cold Days with Rain and Lots of Wind!

Well, as you can imagine, I am not a fan of this miserable weather.  Enough, already!

It wasn't raining when we got up, so Ken decided to go for a walk (only a small window of opportunity before the rain was supposed to start!) while I did my stretches and got ready for the day.  He was a little wet when he returned because the rain had started a bit earlier than forecast.  So much for Accuweather!

We ate breakfast and I left at 10:15 to meet Cindy and John to play pickleball at the Hempfield Sports Complex.  It is fun to spend time with them and the people who play are mostly at about the same level of skill.  I really had a good time and was happy with how well I played today.  Sometimes I just can't get it together!

We left around 1:15 and it was windy, damp, and cool.  I headed straight home where I found Ken working at his desk.  He had spent some of the morning looking for a possible "adventure" we could do with our girls and their families next year to help us celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  We discussed some possibilities but find it unbelievable the cost that is involved when looking to have 10 people share a memorable experience.  We will continue our "investigation" but do think going to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls could be a possibility!

After dinner, Ken left for Celebrate Recovery and I spent the evening painting rocks and watching The Voice.  Ken returned at 9:15 and had a great evening seeing all his "buddies" again.  We "retired" around 10.

Today, Wednesday, Ken did his devotions and reading and then we enjoyed an omelette breakfast.  He left at 8 to start his volunteer work with MCC for the 1st time since returning from Florida.  He was excited about helping out there again!

I talked with Lanie and Bob is still sick in bed with a definite case of the flu.  He has been sick since Saturday.  Katelyn went back to school on Tuesday but Samantha only returned today.  Fortunately Lanie is still healthy and we certainly hope it continues - she is rather anxious!  We did decide to postpone Easter again until Saturday the 14th giving everyone a chance to be healthy!

I left at 11:15 to go to ACMoore to buy some yard that is on sale so I can make some preemie blankets for Knots of Love.  I have tried crocheting some of their hat patterns but have not been too successful, partly because I have trouble with gauge.  I tend to crochet very loosely!  I think afghans will be a better option for me, but I haven't totally ruled out doing hats!  I am a perseverer!

After a few additional errands, I was back home by 1:45 and very hungry. By then the winds had really increased with up to 50 mile gusts - crazy!  Ken and I did some chatting about our day.  He enjoyed his time at MCC and seeing those "buddies" again.  I made a batch of oat bran muffins, prepped for dinner and then started one of the baby afghans.  Ken was busy at his desk making camping reservations for Chesapeake with John and Cindy the beginning of June and then in August at Yogi Bear for an adventure with our granddaughters.  We also have a date in later June to take the granddaughters to the Delaware Water Gap to do some small hikes to see waterfalls.  Sounds like lots of fun!

Ken made us chicken barbeque sandwiches for dinner, we ate the leftover quinoa from last night and had a salad (that's a surprise!).  I spent the evening crocheting and Ken did some reading.  We also watched a fascinating public broadcasting show on the life of a butterfly.  They are amazing!

Both of us headed to bed around 9:30.

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