Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday - Happy Easter!

Ken did his devotions and reading early and by 8:30 we were on our way to Jamie and Dane's for hot drinks and cinnamon rolls (those Pillsbury ones in the tubes that you bake and then put icing on top) which is a tradition on birthday mornings!  Actually we did the same thing every Sunday morning when Lanie and Jamie were still at home!

Ken and I were there till about 10 and we had so much fun.  Cali wanted to show me numerous things in her room and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday, open birthday cards, and eat those delicious cinnamon rolls.  We plan to take Bria and Cali to a local park where they can have fun on several different zip lines sometime this summer to celebrate their birthdays.  We played several games before we left!

Ken dropped me off at home and he went to the Lititz UM Church's contemporary service.  The church we attend is Florida is UM and we are impressed with their outreach programs and really enjoy their Sunday morning services.  He wanted to see how this one in Lititz compares because we would appreciate a bit of a smaller church and if it would be in the town where we live, that could be a bonus for learning to know local people!  We love the services at LCBC but just want to explore other options!

I downloaded pictures and worked on this blog while Ken was at church.  I also talked to Lanie and Bob woke up sick with a fever and feeling like he was "run over by a Mack Truck"!  Wow, their family is certainly having a rough 4 days.  Both of the girls were better, but Sam still had a slight fever!  Ken returned at noon and he said he enjoyed the service but it would not be a church he would be interested in attending on a regular basis.

I made 2 salads for each of us so we could have them for lunch and dinner today and tomorrow.  After eating, I put on my SAS and we went for a walk to downtown Lititz.  It was a cool day, but the sunshine made it reasonable.

I worked on my painted rocks and painting some figurines for my Christmas Village while Ken spent time reading.  He grilled salmon and chicken and after dinner, we watched Jesus Christ Superstar - brought back memories from our early days!  I did some crocheting while watching, because I am hoping to start crocheting for Knots of Love, a charity that provides hats for chemo patients and baby blankets for premies.  1st, I have to figure out how to make the hats using the patterns they provide!  It could be a challenge!

Ken went to bed at 10:30, but I kept crocheting until 11.  Then off to bed to do some reading!  It certainly was a quiet Easter Day!

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