Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday - Cold Day with Some Snowflakes!

Ken and I were up in time to watch the first 20 minutes of the Morning News.  Then it was time to stretch and get ready for the day.  We both did our devotions and reading and I worked on the blog before leaving at 10:15 to go to the Water Street Mission for our 1st time of volunteering.

I must say that our 1st experience was a very good one and you can't help but be impressed by the organization and their amazing workers.  Ken and I looked great in our hair nets and his beard and mustache nets - I wish we had some photos to show you how good we looked - NOT!  We were supposed to be there by 11 and our time started with the kitchen help meeting for prayer and then having the opportunity to eat together before the people who stayed there were served.  The food was positively delicious and all homemade at the Mission.  Isaac's, a well-known eatery here in the county, provided their fabulous tomato bisque. The main course choices were stuffed peppers, beef stroganoff, or a chicken marina pasta all made from scratch here at the Mission.  My job was putting veggies on their plate and offering them a bowl of soup.  Ken filled small bowls with fresh fruit and tuna salad and offered containers of yogurt.  The folks certainly have lots of choices including a salad bar - it was impressive!

After serving, Ken helped wash the floor of the dining hall while I did some sweeping.  We left there around 1:30 having been blessed by the whole experience.  We made a stop at AC Moore so I could get a couple items that I needed for some crafting I am doing.  Ken, being the good guy he is, went in with me so he could use the 55% off coupon for one item and so could I.

I did hear from Cindy and they are in North Carolina on their way to Camp LeJeune.  It is near 50 degrees so they are enjoying the milder temperatures.  Once back home, I decided to start another baby afghan for Knots of Love and then went back to my desk to go through some samples of cards you can make to get some ideas for creating new ones.  I plan to get together with my mother, who is also a big card maker, to spend time together making some new creations.

Around 4:30 we were going to take a walk and when we looked out the window, it was snowing - REALLY?  It doesn't take much for me to say no to walking especially when it is only in the low 40's.  Ken braved the weather and made hamburgs on the grill and after cleaning up, we played 2 rounds of Hand and Foot.  I am in the lead by about 1200 points.

Ken did some reading and I crocheted while watching The Voice.  Bedtime was 10:15.

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